November 28, 2020

Passport2Success continues to deliver results

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Group photo of all graduates in Passport2Success’s 5th cohort and support staff, including Mrs. Rodrigues, Chief Officer in the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment. Photo by Information Officer Kristi Anderson

Graduations bring elation and a sense of accomplishment. For the students in the 5th cohort of the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment initiative Passport2Success, there was pride and achievement on their faces as they celebrated completing the programme.

Students, proud parents, Ministry officials, and private and public sector individuals involved in the programme were present at the Wharf Restaurant on Monday, 5 December 2011 to watch as the 5th cohort students received their “Passports to Success”.

Statistics shared at the event indicate that the programme continues to deliver impressive results:

  • 111 out of 124 young people (90%)  have successfully completed the programme, since it started in 2010
  • 58% have been employed within six months after  graduation
  • 69% of participants from cohort #1 and #2 are currently employed 12 months after completing the programme – this is an important stat because it shows that participants are utilizing gained skills to successfully continue to job seek once the programme is over and have been successful at maintaining employment up to one year.
  • 18% are currently attending school.

Ms Shannon Seymour of the Wellness Centre opened the ceremony by congratulating the students, saying: “The 5th cohort group was able to accomplish many of their goals, including some of the students securing full time employment with the supporting companies involved. We are proud of everyone who completed the programme, because it’s not easy. Ms Seymour conveyed her appreciation to the community, parents of graduates, and the public and private sector for coming on board and making the programme an important second chance for success. She remarked “the success of the Passport2Success programme comes directly from the fact that each sector of our community is making a necessary contribution. The Ministry has been fully supportive of the programme and the participants, the private sector has been a critical partner in providing invaluable opportunities for our participants to gain meaningful employment experience, the general community has been overwhelmingly supportive and parents and families have stood by their young people, encouraged them to participate and supported them along the way.

Mrs. Mary Rodrigues, Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education, was in attendance to congratulate all of the graduates for completing what she acknowledged was a challenging programme.  “The programme makes demands on your time, it forces you to take an honest look at where you are and what you have done to date. It also asks you to change your level of preparation and approach to getting and holding onto a job, and most difficult of all, to change your attitudes,” she said.

Ms Rodrigues told the young people that the ministry’s support for them would not end with the graduation. Graduates from the programme can get grants to continue their studies and can be referred for future employment opportunities. The Ministry has also engaged the Wellness Centre to keep in touch with the graduates, to monitor their progress and to support and encourage them.

Attendees learned that applications are now being processed for two new Passport2Success programmes, which will start in January, 2012. These will target unemployed young men aged 20-25 and young mothers.

For more information in regards to Passport2Success as well as application forms and dates in regards to the start of the next programme, visit


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