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Passport 2 Success round five commences

Facilitators, participants & ministry representatives gather for the start of the 12-week Passport 2 Success programme.

The Passport 2 Success training programme began on Monday September 12 with its welcome from the Ministry of Education yesterday.

The 12-week full time programme, created by the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, is geared to provide education, training, and employment opportunities.

Minister of Education, Mr. Rolston Anglin along with Ms. Mary Rodriguez from the Ministry of Education greeted the group at the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) yesterday with words of encouragement and empowerment.

Dr. Tasha Ebanks-Garcia and Mr. Hilton Grace facilitate the programme giving young adults the opportunity to gain practical hands on training, valuable work experience and gives a clearer idea of what kind of job suits the participants.

Dr. Ebanks-Garcia said: “We received 49 applications and held 47 interviews, from that we chose 25 applicants to take part in this cohort and we are still receiving applications now.

“We are seeing that there is definitely a need for this programme.

“It is one thing to get a job but its another to keep it.

Mr. Anglin shared his thoughts and words of encouragement for the participants to see the value in the experience they have to chosen to take part in.

“The only variable in life to change is yourself, the only thing you are in control of 100% of the time is you.

“If you don’t remember anything I have said here today the one thing I ask you to remember is this, go home and consider, when your biography is going to be written, what will be the words on those pages.

“If you make it through and stick it out, lots of positive things will be on those pages.

“It’s not where you start it’s where your going to be. Everyone can be successful.”

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