December 1, 2020


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We’ve got a real problem with parking

Especially right here in George Town

I mean, this tiny town is so very busy

We can look for ages and not a space can be found.

New office buildings are going up every day

With hardly enough space left for parking.

Employees take a chance when they drive to work

But I’m sure the prefer this to walking.

Now you’d think we’d find space to park

As we do our business in town,

But they’ve outgrown their space long ago

As we all drive around with a frown.

And we’re not too accustomed to the multi-storey parking.

I guess we just don’t want to pay,

And it wouldn’t be very economical for us at all

If we had to use that facility every day.

What we need is public transportation

To cut down on the usage of vehicles.

Someone suggested carpooling might work,

Or maybe try riding our bicycles.

But, I mean, can you see us all queuing for a bus?

Or waiting to be picked up by a friend?

“Just wait, I’ll soon come, I have to do my shopping first.”

I’m sure that friendship would very soon end.

And the tourists, poor souls, when they visit our Island

They hire a car for convenience.

Will drive into town for a good look around

Then leave with a frustrating experience.

Yes folks, we’re too used to driving ourselves

In our own comfy cars here and there,

And it’s gonna be rough going when this has to stop

So make sure to save your bus fare.

So when you’ve finished reading this poem

And you think you might have a solution,

Try phoning it through to your MLA

With their help it might come to fruition.

Anyway just remember …..

When Noah sailed the waters blue.

He had his troubles same as you.

For forty days he drove his ark,

Before he found a place to park


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