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Connecting for Health

Monthly Newsletter | No. 13 | November 2022

Cholera’s resurgence in Haiti a reminder of how quickly diseases spread, PAHO Director says

The recent cholera outbreak in Haiti, a steady increase in monkeypox cases, ongoing COVID-19 infections and low polio vaccination rates heighten the need for health emergency preparedness in the region of the Americas.

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World Polio Day: Q&A with PAHO Chief of Immunization

Vaccination rates in children with all three doses of the polio vaccine stood at 79% in 2021, putting the Americas at risk of reintroduction of the disease. Dr. Daniel Salas addresses the situation and what the recently reported case implies for the region.

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PAHO launches new campaign to curb stigma against people with mental health conditions

The #DoYourShare campaign seeks to curb the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental health conditions and promote positive interactions that improve their search for help.

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Zika: the unknown epidemic and PAHO’s swift response

As the Zika virus spread rapidly throughout the Americas in 2015, PAHO coordinated a regional response, deploying over 80 expert missions to help its Member States tackle the outbreak. Read this story of the 120th Anniversary series.

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PAHO launches fact-checking guide for journalists

The guide offers tools for media workers to communicate responsibly and provide evidence-based information during current and future health emergencies.

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Belize unveils a national One Health Platform with PAHO and EU support

All sectors of the country responsible for health came together to develop a  collaborative approach to improve preparedness, response, and increase surveillance capabilities

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Live better, take action – a new PAHO/WHO campaign for alcohol regulations

Alcohol ruins lives and yet it is a cheap product, sold everywhere and massively marketed. Urgent action must be taken to advocate, adopt and implement cost-effective policies, free from vested interests. Learn more about the new Live Better, Take Action campaign.

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COVID-19 Response in the Americas

Discussions at the Cuba Salud 2022 International Health Convention Focus on Post-pandemic Health and Achieving the SDGs

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Epidemiological Alerts and Updates – English | Español | Português  

COVID-19 vaccination in the Americas dashboard – Read more


Malaria Day in the Americas 2022 – Online event

When: 4 November, 2022 – 13:00 h (ET)

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World Diabetes Day 2022: launch the “Panorama of Diabetes in the Americas”

When: 11 November, 2022 – 11:00 (ET).

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First International Conference on Promotion of Physical Activity in Public Health

When: 22-23 November, 7:00 h ET.

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