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Paedophile Jimmy Savile’s DNA, used to link him to unsolved deaths, clears him

article-2552888-19B505E8000005DC-355_634x522By SAM WEBB From Daily Mail UK

Police who let Jimmy Savile escape with decades of child abuse have now used his DNA to try and link him to a string of unsolved deaths – but he has been cleared

The prolific was a suspect in a number of ‘cold cases’

The family of the disgraced TV star gave detectives consent for tests

His DNA was originally taken for love child test that came back negative

Jimmy Savile – who got away with decades of sex abuse even though he was questioned by detectives over assault allegations – has now been investigated for a string of major unsolved crimes, including murder.

The prolific paedophile was a possible suspect in a number of other serious attacks and police checked his DNA for matches with evidence from crime scenes.

But after the former DJ’s family agreed for his stored DNA to be used the tests came back negative.

A relative of the disgraced BBC TV star had to sign legal documents during a visit to Leeds, West Yorkshire, by officers from New Scotland Yard.

article-2552888-154BBA8D000005DC-596_634x365A spokesman for New Scotland Yard said: ‘We can confirm that a DNA search was conducted against outstanding and unidentified DNA samples. The search, which was speculative, has now been completed and there were no matches.

‘The search was done with the permission of a family representative and they have been advised of the result.’

A family spokeswoman said: ‘We gave consent for Jimmy’s DNA to be checked and have been awaiting the results.

‘We have tried to be as helpful as possible in the circumstances. We are relieved to hear that the DNA does not match any of the crimes, as we expected.’

DNA was originally taken for use in connection with alleged love child Georgina Ray, who had demanded it be checked for a match. The test results came back negative.

Crimes the star had been linked to after his death included a connection to a Yorkshire Ripper victim whose body was found near to his Leeds flat.

Savile and Peter Sutcliffe later appeared to have formed a disturbing friendship, with the BBC star visiting the killer in jail and describing him as a ‘mate’ after later trips to see him in Broadmoor Hospital.

The former Top of the Pops presenter’s relatives and friends say they have endured a torturous 18 months since the scandal broke.

In November 2012 it emerged that a dentist made a cast of Savile’s teeth to check against the bite-marks found on the bodies of the Yorkshire Ripper’s victims.

His teeth were examined in 1980, a year before Sutcliffe, now 66, was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven others.

article-2552888-0F30380100000578-2_306x271THE WOMAN WHO CLAIMED TO BE JIMMY SAVILE’S LOVE CHILD

Georgina Ray claimed to be Savile’s secret love child, saying she was born after her mother had a two-week fling with the DJ in 1970 while working as a waitress in a cafe.

She went public with her sensational claim – made before his crimes came were exposed – after Savile died in October 2012 aged 84, leaving an estate worth £7.8million.

The paternity tests were carried out using cigars and other items from the former Top Of The Pop presenter’s flat in Leeds and holiday home in Scarborough.

But the tests failed to prove her claim.article-2552888-028827FF00000514-966_306x423

Mrs Ray, from Cannock, Staffordshire, insisted she was ‘not a gold-digger’ and claimed to just be seeking the truth.

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