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Opposition Leader Capriles tear-gassed during rrotest in Caracas

From WN.Com

While marching in protest of the policies of current President Nicolas Maduro, former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles was tear-gassed on Monday, according to The Washington Post.

Capriles is the one of the current leaders of the opposition movement in Venezuela and were gathering with thousands to control and block highway in the capital city.

While his bodyguards helped Capriles escape the scrum, Capriles said that soldiers were assaulting members of his team and other protesters as they tried to move away from them through the crowd.

The demonstrators were trying to make their way to the government office in the central district of Caracas but were instead met with soldiers dressed in riot gear and armored cars.

In the past two months, protesters have taken to the streets across the South American country daily to express their distrust and unhappiness with the socialist government as the country continues to slide into a deep economic recession with intense scarcities of food and medical supplies.

Maduro has insisted that the problems are a fault of a capitalist scheme designed to bring down socialism in South America., Maureen Foody

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