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OPINION: Mother Bidens Ruin


By Nathan Green. 20/03/22

Why would an oil-rich country buy oil from anywhere other than their own producers? An excellent question and it would appear an easy one to answer. But what appears on the surface is not necessarily what is happening in the murky world of the socialist Democrats.

The American Democrat party is made up of many spinal colours, and for sure, it has an ultra socialist and even communist left-wing that, on the surface, would appear in step with the policies of the Russian regime. 

US dependence on foreign oil “means a dependence on tyrants.” Russia, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Venezuela. The leaders of those countries are tyrants and hold their people in a kind of bondage.

The left-wing democrats support all those tyrants led countries in one way or another. Moreover, they have close ties to the Institute for Policy Studies and the Democratic Socialists of America, many links to the Communist Party USA.

In 2020 The National Committee of the Communist Party USA announced an alignment with the Democratic party. John Batchell, the organization chairman, said his organization’s members need to support Democrats.

Former congressman Lt. Col. Allen West was vilified in the press for saying that 70 members of Congress are communists. As it turns out, they are Democratic Socialists, which, in the United States, is pretty much the same thing. The differences among statists are far more insignificant than the differences between statists and Americans who value freedom. West explained his comment that 70 members of Congress are members of the Communist Party: “All anyone has to do is look at the Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Black Caucus, and you have your socialists.”

“The DSA, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party are the same people. It’s merely a matter of degree. They are all working together to transform this country fundamentally. And, as Bill Ayers said, the communists look at Barack Obama and see him winking at them.”

Under the Republican Donald Trump regime, the USA had become self-sufficient in crude oil and became a net exporter. This created thousands of American jobs giving a dynamic boost to American export figures. As a result, reduced year on year the US balance of payments. And all in all, it was the greenest choice for America.

Here are the pros for drilling, piping, pumping, refining, exporting, and home sales of America’s own oil derivatives. 

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has published data for the amount of oil that the US imports. In November 2021, which is the last data set available, the US imported 254,162,000 barrels. 

Under Trump in 2020, The United States imported very little. So gas was cheap at the pump, heating oil was affordable, not anymore.

Under Biden, in 2021, pipelines were shut down with an increase in imports. Hence the importation of two hundred and fifty million barrels of crude oil. Can any country in the world stand that kind of abuse and survive? The American people are paying the bills, not the Bidens or their babes from the looney left.

So here is what is happening: the Biden babes of the left want to control the economy and society. They also want to reward the countries that ordinary people do not want anything to do with. So they decide that it would be a great idea if they chose to make the US an instant clean air greener than green country, regardless of the cost or the social issues that it creates. They decided that solar, wind and sea power will be the future, and maybe it is, but it cannot be the present. It cannot be the present because it may take a hundred years to make the US proficient in those renewables. The technology is just not far enough developed to be able to abandon oil instantaneously. Some right-wing rich Biden bully democrats heavily invested in electric cars, fully knowing Biden would bow to the left and kill America’s oil. They were looking forward to a bonanza, but it has not happened because electric car technology is also in its infancy. So there are two groups, the left and the right, both pulling in the same direction for different reasons, with Joe Biden agreeing with them both without the slightest idea of why.

When Biden abandoned the pipelines and stuck the dagger of socialism into the oil industry, he did not think it through. One must ask if he was capable of thinking that or anything else through to a proper conclusion. 

Here is why the importation of foreign oil is the reverse of being a green procedure why the US must get back to producing its own oil. 

Most of the Russian, Venezuelan and some other countries have what is known as dirty oil. Dirty because it contains high sulphur and other complex chemicals to process. Cracking crude oil to make gas and gasolene is a definite science. So the dirty oils have to have clean oils mixed with them to give them a flowable viscosity. American oil is very clean and does not produce nearly as many of the nasty unusable byproducts that dirty oil has. So American oil during its processing is far less of a pollutant than most imports.

But what makes the imports far worse for the atmosphere is that they are currently being brought to the US by supertankers. The supertankers use massive amounts of fuel to transport the oil. They pump out chemical pollutants from their huge exhaust [stack] pipes. So they fill the air with massive quantities of pollutants long before they get to the American refineries. A tanker uses a shipping petroleum fuel at about 1000 gallons every 60 miles. The journey is about seven weeks and is approximately 9,500 nm, and the fuel used 158,000 gallons. Therefore it is undeniable if we are bringing tankers of dirty oil to the US refineries instead of delivering clean sweet oil in a pipe, it must be a far worse scenario than pumping indigenous oil or using that piped by a friendly neighbour like Canada.

It is very obvious to anyone with half a brain that the right thing for the US to do is to pump its oil deposits. The world only uses so much oil. The US pumping their own does not increase the amount the world uses. But the US importing oil causes international pollution to jump by about 25%, so the Biden babes are destroying the world, and the Biden bullies are sitting on the sidelines hoping to get even richer. Phasing out oil over fifty years as the technology of the sustainable power providers improves is the right course. 

I even dare say the apparent weakness conceived by the Russians of a country stupid enough to abandon their own oil, a decision taken by someone Putin sees as the weak link, probably further contributed to his decision to invade Ukraine and wage a bloody war.

The USA is politically and financially weaker than it has ever been before. So let us hope the military can perform better than the leadership.

What a state to get in! It took such a short time to wreck a country and its economy.


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