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Opinion: Just how stupid are present-day Vincentians?

By Nancy Jo Moses

Ever since Ralph Everard Gonsalves was a young man, he was disliked and mistrusted by the Vincentian old folk because of his alleged Marxist-Leninist communist beliefs; the old folk would never have elected him, would never have allowed him to be prime minister.

By the old folks I do not mean your mum and dad, I mean granny and grandpa. They had him reckoned as a commy, and they knew a commy was never good enough for the Vincentian people. They fully understood the dangers of electing this man.

Ralph Gonsalves Attempting French Kissing Fidel Castro

Ralph Gonsalves has trouble getting up close due to his enormous gut. Fortunately he has a very long tongue which he can even lick his own a…. with.

“Darling I have missed you so much do you have any Vincentian money I can dib into. How about employing some of my workmen to build a new airport?”

Castro was only accused of rape once, Ralph Gonsalves has had many women complain that he sexually assaulted them.

Ralph Gonsalves was a full-blown Marxist-Communist by the time he was at university at UWI in Jamaica. In 1968 he organized a demonstration which turned into a full-blown riot when the Jamaican government banned his uni-lecturer Walter Rodney, a Marxist-Leninist communist agitator of the Jamaican people. He had been trying to get a set of Rastafari to murder white people on beaches to try and cause damage to the tourist trade and thence the economy. In doing so, Rodney had hoped to start a revolution against the government of that time. The government had information from the police Special Branch about Rodney’s actions and had acted on that information and banned him from the state.

Walter Rodney with friend and mentor Fidel Castro.

Castro is the one on the left wearing a military uniform of bronze silk shantung. Designed by Giovanni Versace the Italian fashion designer.

Fidel Castro made the army uniform the ultimate emblem of radical chic.

Shoes by Carmina of Spain.

Castro, was the richest man in the hemisphere until another of his fledgling revolutionaries came along, Hugo Chavez. Chavez managed to exceed Castro’s wealth by stealing all of Venezuela’s riches, leaving it bankrupt and the people starving.

On Rodney’s refusal of entry to Jamaica, Gonsalves as leader of the UWI students marched into Kingston with other students to support Rodney, and on the way gathered thousands of Jamaicans who had little idea what this was all about. Multi-millions of dollars in damage was inflicted, and busses, private vehicles, shop windows, and private and corporate property damaged or destroyed. Gonsalves who the old folk viewed as cowardly ran back to school and pretended it was nothing to do with him. But years later he wears those events like a badge of honor, evidence that he is a revolutionary. He brags of being tear-gassed and beaten; I doubt he ever was.

Gonsalves has been Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of North Central Windward since 1994. In 1994, upon the formation of the Unity Labour Party, he became deputy leader and became the leader of the party in 1998.

Before and after his 2001 election and continuing until today, ever since news broke of Gonsalves alleged conceived bad behavior over those many years. Behavior ranging from the infliction of spite and malice against those he perceived as against him, to crude comments and gestures, to an accusation of rape, and sexual misconduct. Accusations by the dozen going back twenty years, during this time Gonsalves has watched his celebrity family dynasty blossom and bloom. Bringing his children, family, and dynasty members into government and top diplomatic jobs as he inflicts his cronyism and nepotistic behavior on the people. It is now well known that both cronyism and nepotism can harm a countries economy.

The old folks knew him long before his the rise to power in 2001. They knew he was involved in the Rodney affair, the Grenada revolution, and bad behavior in Barbados, which the old folk saw as bringing disgrace on SVG. They knew he was banned from several Caribbean countries, and that he had been made persona non grata from Barbados. They knew how he had hijacked the Labour Party when he joined it to his MNU party which was Marxist-Leninist communist based. Once he had slipped his party into the undergarments of the Labour Party, he was able to transform his communist party in what was believed simply a Labour party based on simple socialism into a vehicle that ensured his election. Because as MNU he and all his communist cronies were unelectable, the old folks saw to that. But by doing deals with the old Labour Party leaders, he was able to take over eventually and formed a new party the ULP. He cloaked his Marxist-Leninist beliefs in simple socialist Labour Party adornments and in 2001 fooled the people, your mum and dad and you the reader.

I implore you to read every article/letter/opinion below, spending special attention to some of the comments attached to them. There are hundreds more, just too many to list. You know when you think about it, they could not have all been wrong in their opinions of Gonsalves.

More than that, you can be more than sure Granny and Granpa knew the true measure of the man.

2002, released previously US secret document mentioning Gonsalves.












Please try and read them all.

Nancy Jo, reminding you in the memory of the old folks, you have soon forgotten.

The content of this letter is not supposed to be offensive, expressed or implied. If anyone is offended, please remarks as comments at the end of this published letter. If you leave an email address I will reply privately to you.

Nancy Jo Moses


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  1. Peter Binose, give it a break, please. None of your attacks on the Comrade have had any effect except to enhance your reputation as a Gonsalves-hating political propagandist, the proof being that his Unity Labour Party is well on the road to five election wins in a row.

    • At least the writer is honest in his/her opinions unlike you who continually snipe at him from the shadows.

      • This writer is a different Nancy Jo, my surname is not Moses.

        It seems that David is now back on the old continual nonsense of seeing Binose in every shadow.

        There is nothing wrong with the truth being raised from time to time, thank you Ms Moses.


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