July 6, 2020

Opinion: Gonsalves suggested trip to Cuba


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By Jolly Green

When a brain is made in Saint Vincent and finished in what Nationality label should be applied?

In the case of Dr. Ralph Everard [sometimes soft] Gonsalves who currently claims to be Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, despite opposition claims that he is in office due to vote rigging and voter fraud. Yes in the case of Everard Gonsalves what should be stamped on his culo, Cuba or SVG? “Made In Cuba Non Intellectual Property”

Gonsalves has been in some way attached to Cuba since he was a student in Jamaica. The chaos he was involved in there in his communist Mierda caked mind made him believe he was a budding revolutionary.

His involvement in the Grenada revolution in his Marxist Leninist excreta soaked mind made him believe he was a revolutionary assistant.

His visits to East Europe during the communist era, the ordure in his mind made him believe he was a visiting revolutionary apprentice.

But his real claim to revolution may have been a non event or even a nearly but not quite event when compared to real revolutions. It was the so-called “Road Block Revolution” which took place in Saint Vincent in 2000.

November 30, 2012. Peter Binose.

The above is a good read and should be insistently adopted in Vincentian school history books.

In 2016 at Fidel Castros funeral World leaders began to arrive in Havana, on November 28, to join the Cuban people in paying their respects to Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz.

Among the leaders were Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Speaking in Havana Gonsalves said:

” Fidel was his comrade and friend, and that his presence will endure in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the world, adding that 90% of the world’s inhabitants are in mourning”.

Ralph Gonsalves made the call as he and other world leaders, Marxists, socialists, and historians begin to reminisce on the life of the former Cuban president.

“I urge the young people of the Caribbean to read and study the history and the ideals and the struggles of Fidel Castro and to see the possibilities therein, the limitations and for us to carve a better world from it,” Gonsalves said.

Gonsalves would love to claim that Castro applied the made in Cuba stamp to his right flabby buttock. To that effect, many Vincentians would love him to go and live in Cuba and take with him his whole tribe and members of his Francis/Gonsalves family dynasty that he has created. After all, they have all stood by him in SVG, so let them go to Cuba and stand by him there.

We don’t want him, but I am sure the Cubans will welcome him when you consider how much of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines wealth he has managed to export to the Cuban economy.

We can overlook what most see as his spite and malice against some Vincentians.

We should even allow him to take his obvious wealth with him; it matters not then where or how he got it, just let him go and good riddance, and as the British say, to bad rubbish.

We can overlook the unanswered claims by women of sexual assault by him, maybe the women in question won’t, but we are talking about amnesty here.

Otro mantillo de jardín al que está invitado a unirse; Hugo Chavez y Fidel Castro.

Questions about content welcomed, please ask, and I will answer.

Jolly Green, [email protected]


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