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OPINION: At last the truth on legalizing Saint Vincent’s marijuana use

By Jolly Green

While most of us do not approve of Marijuana, the ruling dynasty does, for different reasons than the Rasta’s or the general local loungers. There is gold in them thar hills, and they want it down on the lowlands where their fellow parliamentary members and supporters can be given concessions to grow the new variety of medical weed.

Everything has long been worked out, the pockets pre-lined and deals done. I am unsure if any part of those transactions was completed in Cuba, but we all know now that is more than possible.

What most of you forgot is that the original Mount Wynne development deal was to be hinged on the use of medical marijuana, and the whole or a part of the development to be used for clinical use for Canadian sick people. Medical marijuana tourism is the name of the latest game. I am not sure if another deal has been struck with the Chef they presented as a scientist, the one that came to smoke test the mountain weed. But introducing people like Dave Ames and a few others into our business system is typical for the dynasty and its leaders. Basically, it all comes down to the terms of the divvy up.

I suppose while we are at it we should ask if any citizenships and passports have been handed out or promised in the medical cannabis deal. Well comrade, have you done it again, issued more economic citizenships? We know there have been plenty of them granted over the last eighteen years.

Sorry folks but mountain weed despite being graded by users as some of the best in the world, it contains seeds. Seeds are not wanted in medical grade cannabis; only the seed free weed is acceptable. So the mountain weed will have to be destroyed in a concerted effort to ensure there will be no cross-pollination of the two types of marijuana. That includes cross-pollination of the dinero and some of it landing in unapproved pockets and cross-pollinating.

So St. Vincent’s midnight farmers, who have toiled so hard and been the only profitable industry in SVG during the last seventeen years, are now on the scrap heap.
In 2010, SVG’s cannabis production was assessed:
50% Caribbean market
15% United States
23% UK and Europe
10% Canada
2% local consumption
Ref: William R. Brownfield (May 2011). International Narcotics Control Strategy Report: Volume I: Drug and Chemical Control. DIANE Publishing. pp. 254–255. ISBN 978-1-4379-8272-5.

The revenue from medical cannabis will be far less than the money generated from the wild weed from the mountains, the real stuff. This may create more money for the revenue tax department but will mean less money in Vincentians pockets and less money circulating. Less money spent in the super markets and less food on some people’s tables. So expect a drop in living standards for many. But remember that the politicians will be in there weaseling out their share.

It matters not that in years past, the dynasty leader earned his money from representing them in court. There is even one man rotting in Belle Isle prison who was a friend of his and of his children. All his assets snatched from him, cars, and house, just about everything.

Leaving the weed farmers out of the current deals should come as no surprise to the midnights. Just remember brothers when Gonsalves said “we will hunt them down until they exist no more,” he was actually talking about you. They will see you all dead [the bag man will see to that] before you get a sniff at the dinero, too many of you to share with.

The authorities need to be able to identify Vincentian mountain weed from Lowland weed. They have promised their lowland investors that they will have exclusive growing rights, and have also guaranteed the medical clinic operators that no other cannabis will be legalized on the island other than the medical type. Otherwise, the Canadian potheads posing as sick people will just go out on the street and buy a spliff at comparatively low street prices and no one in the original medical scheme will be able to get their share of the revenue.

Of course, we must remember that when it comes to agricultural produce Vincentians are probably the greatest thieves in the Caribbean. The steal all they can from the farms including animals. I would like someone to tell me how weed is going to be grown in the lowlands without it being raided and stolen. In the mountains they would be taking the risk of losing their lives, can anyone tell me how this is going to work. Will it be another job for the Black Squad, or will there be new police created straight from Gonsalves called the Weed Squad. Another problem then would be that the police are also a bunch of thieves, any drugs in the evidence room disappear at such a rate that every drug man taken to court gets off because the evidence is done gone.

I would also like to know if Ralph’s son Storm is playing any part in the new cannabis industry in SVG? Because he would, in my opinion, be the most qualified of the dynasty to do so.

Now you all know why there will only be medical marijuana legalized in SVG.

I was going to say “so papa smoke your pipe,” but papa doesn’t smoke his preference is sex.

Stop Press News Just In:
Monsanto, the multi-billion agribusiness giant, has announced today it has patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana.
The news that has been welcomed by scientists and leaders of the agriculture business alike as a move forward towards the industrial use of marijuana and hemp products could bring a major shift towards marijuana policies in the U.S.A. and ultimately, to the world.


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