April 3, 2020

OPINION: A true Caribbean Revolutionary Hero


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Those of us who know him can confirm the heroism that Ralph E Gonsalves carries proudly in his lifelong quest to bring 21st Century Socialism to the Caribbean.

Ralph first became interested in Karl Marx as a very young man; some say he had already slipped into the Marxist system when he was still at the boy’s Grammar school in Kingstown, Saint Vincent. He was well established in the brotherhood and solidarity of Marxism by the time he first met Dr. Walter Rodney at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. As a student he assisted the much revered Guyanese, Cuban implanted ultra glorious revolutionary Walter Rodney in Jamaica. Rodney was only a few years older than Ralph, he was UWI lecturer, an African Historian holding a Ph.D. in the same, and was seeking to bring a revolutionary experiment to Jamaica. Gonsalves was the university student union leader, and able to give his Marxist strength and knowledge to the other students. Rodney’s Jamaican revolutionary experiment didn’t succeed due to intervention by the Jamaican government. But Gonsalves heroically fought unsuccessfully in riotous assembly to bring him back into the country despite Rodney being banned. Ralph Gonsalves through this very matter had established himself at a young age as a revolutionary hero of the Marxist-Leninist movement.

Gonsalves continued to bring his heroism to the Caribbean people; he was loved by all the Caribbean’s socialists. He pushed ever forward with his heroism by writing about the rotten right-wing governments of the time. He enraged the Barbadians where he was now dwelling so much because he wrote such things that were true communist thoughts and ideas in the Barbados media. They made him persona non gratis, and he had to leave the island. Those socialist Bajans he left behind described him as a hero.

Ralph Gonsalves had become a great supporter of the Cuban revolution. A great and meaningful supporter of the Castro brothers and the Cuban communist party. He recognized what good could eventually come to the hemisphere as the Cubans sought to take over the whole of the Americas and Caribbean nations. He believed he was well placed to help them do that, and he never stopped trying. We can be sure at some time in the future, if not secretly all ready; he will be officially recognized as a true brother hero of the Cuban communist party.

When in Cuba Ralph always wears the Cuban Communist Party lapel pin-badge, never seen without it.

There can be no doubt he is a hero, a mighty one man powerhouse of Cuban Marxist-Leninist communism and its spread of revolutionary power wherever Marxists of the Islands and Americas can take seed, grow, and blossom. He awaited his calling to power patiently and could count Fidel Castro as his personal friend and mentor. He has rewarded Cuba well since his election in SVG.

In December 1979 Comrade Ralph, as he was now called, a label that he loved because it showed respect for his growing superiority over other politically minded young people in the Caribbean. That superiority was recognized by the Cuban and Russian assisted Grenada revolution. Ralph Gonsalves was chosen by Maurice Bishop to advise him on the political concept and procedures of Marxist-Leninist procedures. Gonsalves advised Bishop, writing Bishops speech’s, and going with Maurice to meetings and rallies, always sitting next to him. Ralph had become a true hero of the Grenadian revolution, recommended by the Russians who said he was “a man who could be trusted.” Eventually, Ralph had to get back to building his revolution in his own country, a dream he had since his teenage years. Unfortunately, without Ralph, Maurice Bishop got to arguing with his Grenadian revolutionary partners, and they ended up murdering him. This greatly affected Ralph, and he now witnessed the Empire [USA] destroying the revolution by invading the island.

Over the years Ralph Gonsalves the hero to the Cuban people, approached revolution in his own country more mildly and gently than would be found in most revolutions. He was what one might describe as a gentleman revolutionary. His mode of operation has enraged the Vincentian opposition parties. Women have come forward and wrongly accused him of sexual molestation and rape. Accusations have been falsely laid regarding vote rigging and wrongdoings. All of this is untrue, and the people of SVG have recognized that by rendering their continuous support, and their acceptance of him being a true hero of the people. Ralph set a good example to every socialist politician and government everywhere, and continues to do so today.

Ralph Gonsalves became a great archetype to all other Island leaders as he led SVG into that great organization, ALBA, the others soon followed. He has always been honest and given his all to the Venezuelan people by supporting Nicholas Maduro against aggression by the Empire. His heroic and fearless solidarity with Maduro despite an expected backlash by the Empire compounds his heroism, he fears them not, and like every good Marxist shows his immense dislike of them.

Fellow Marxists-Leninists wherever they are in the Caribbean, Americas, or anywhere in the World can take a lesson from this great man, this brave and courageous man.

For sure Saint Vincent and the Grenadines should be thankful that Ralph is their leader, that he has led them to a better life, and surely they are today in a better place than their forefathers.

So thank you dear hero of the Vincentian and Caribbean people, we all love and respect your heroism. Thank you comrade we love you, may you rule the Vincentian people into the next life, even beyond the grave.

[ The Communist Party of Cuba is the political party that rules in the Republic of Cuba. It is a communist party of the Marxist–Leninist model. The Cuban constitution ascribes the role of the party to be the “leading force of society and the state.”

First Secretary: The Most Honourable Raúl Castro

Second Secretary: The Honourable José Ramón Machado

Founder: The Veritable, and The Most Honourable Fidel Castro ]

José Rómulo Guzmán


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  1. Terry Ansell says

    Mr Guzman it is so nice of you to honor Ralph Gonsalves, he is such a nice man, no one really appreciates his goodness.

    I have followed him for years, he is a decent human being.

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