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The Facts And Myths Of Online Gambling

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When it comes to online gambling we all have a different opinion on what’s good and what’s not. Some people will avoid it altogether as they believe it’s something that will leave them out of pocket due to games being rigged or even worse they might get in trouble for it. However, there are a large number of people that will take part in gambling online and make a considerable amount of money from it, there are even professional gamblers that make their living like this. 

Much like anything, it’s a hot topic that draws a lot of conversation, but what are the facts and myths surrounding online gambling? 

What Is Online Gambling? 

Very simply, online gambling is where a person places a bet by playing a casino-style game online, with the chance of a monetary reward. One good example of which is Judi Online where there are many choices of games you can play online from live poker to slot games, all of which offer a chance of winning a large amount of money. With the consistent development of technology, online gambling has become something far more accessible to the average person and allows it to be an option for everyone over the age of 18. Not everyone will want to go into a casino as they might feel intimidated, but there is always a chance they will log in to an online casino and try their luck on the computer. 

Are Games Online Are Rigged?

This is a complete myth, in fact, any registered casino, whether it’s online or not has to adhere to a certain code of conduct which includes all games to be completely random and fair. All online games are controlled by random number generators that create the feeling that you are in a casino watching the game in front of you. These random number generators are run by highly complex mathematical algorithms that ensure the online game is as random as the one you would find in a physical casino. Realistically speaking, it wouldn’t be in the interest of a casino to rig their games in the first place, as they are all regulated, but also every game is in favor of the house as it is. The odds will always be in favor of the casino and that’s how these places make money, as long as you’re willing to take the risk then you should be ok with losing some money. High risk, high reward, so they say. 

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The Slots 

There are many people that believe slot machines will have periods where they aren’t paying out and once it has paid out it won’t again for a while. This isn’t the case for exactly the same reason as before, they all use a randomly generated number algorithm. It’s impossible to predict that a slot machine is going to pay out after someone else has pumped loads of money into it, there’s a high chance you will do exactly the same thing as the person previous to you. Everything has to be random, so if you’re on a machine that pays out then you’re in luck. 

It’s All Luck 

Well, realistically this is true. When we talk about roulette, slots, and dice, then yes, it’s all luck and there is very little skill involved. But that’s half the fun, you never know what’s going to happen next and if you’re having a great night most of the time it won’t matter if you lose a little bit of money, you would have spent it on drinks at the bar anyway! When we talk about other games that require skill, usually card games like poker and blackjack, then we can discount the entire game being based on luck and bring in a slight aspect of our own ability. It takes years of practice to build up your skill level to be able to have a chance at winning, but it is possible to do so. If you want to practice a lot I would suggest doing so on a free money account, this way you won’t lose all your money before becoming good enough to sit at a real table. 

Gambling is a dangerous thing if you don’t understand it, and more so if you don’t take it seriously. Those who have made gambling into a career treat it with great respect and understand that there could be some situations where you are left out of pocket. The best thing we can do is use it as a fun game with the chance of winning some money at the end of it. What I like to do is set aside some money I was going to spend on a night out anyway, and use it to play games. That way I can’t be upset if I lose any! When it comes to online gambling make sure you’re using an online casino that is registered and you know you won’t come up against any games that are rigged, and most importantly enjoy it and don’t let it take a hold of your life! 


EDITOR’s NOTE: Gambling is illegal in the Cayman Islands


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