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One Dog At A Time

1622650_522179624547975_605748212_nLoads of fundraisers in the planning stages – One Dog at a Time would like to save and rehome one dog a month throughout 2014 and with the support they had in 2013 together they are convinced they can do it again!

The little old fella Gizmo (see photo) was scooped up in bad condition with his bad skin and patchy hair being very smelly and underweight. His old owners allergies were getting worse and Gizmo needed some TLC to get him back to full health. He has been officially adopted and fitted in so well with the dogs in his foster home that he is staying put. Yay for gorgeous Gizmo. 10 years old and finally fighting fit!

The Pub Crawl on Friday January 24th was a big success.

Beginning at 7pm persons bought tickets at $25 and started the crawl from Breezes on the Bay, George Town to other designated ‘pubs’ all within easy walking distance.

All funds raised go DIRECTLY to raise funds to help unwanted or needy puppies and dogs as well as rescuing adoptable dogs from the Department of Agriculture pound, covering medical costs and or relocation fees for flying them off island to their forever homes!

The lottery winner was a dog called “Brac”. The pub crawl saved him from the pound.

And don’t forget Saturday 1st February. Get your tickets for the Cockney night – good English grub, bit of Bingo, British themed quiz with some good old Cockney rhyming slang, a raffle and pin the tail on the donkey! How can you say no to a fun night like this? Help the dogs and have a great time in one foul swoop. Tickets now on sale – $30 at Rackams or Cayman Animal Hospital.

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