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Ombuds Day is 13 October! 

Do you know your Ombudsman? 

The Office of the Ombudsman joins ombuds colleagues around the world in celebrating Ombuds Day, 13 October 2022, bringing attention to a profession that has existed for centuries but which is often not well-known or even recognised. 

Ombuds, Ombudsmen or, as in Cayman, the Ombudsman, cover a wide range of dispute resolution, investigative and problem-solving services in a number of public and private sector entities. Ombuds offices generally provide an informal way to resolve individual complaints or systemic problems outside of the more formal channels such as court or arbitration services. 

The celebration of Ombuds Day transcends sector and political boundaries, highlighting the important work ombuds do in various ways and across the globe. The goals of Ombuds Day include educating the public about the ombuds role; encouraging greater use of ombuds programs; connecting ombuds in their communities; and uniting the ombuds profession”, according to the  

International Ombudsman Institute, of which the Cayman Office of the Ombudsman is a member. 

The Office of the Ombudsman has five distinct areas of jurisdiction including data protection complaints and data breaches; maladministration complaints against ineffective or poor public sector administration; complaints against the conduct of police officers; Freedom of Information appeals; and the protection of disclosures of employer misconduct in both public and private sector entities. 

Sharon Roulstone, Ombudsman, stated that “Our office has one of the more extensive portfolios for Ombuds work, giving it powers of the Grand Court and police powers at the rank of chief inspector in some areas which are unusual for the typical ombudsman role”. 

She continued that “Our office received 371 public inquiries during calendar year 2021 in all five areas of jurisdiction and is on track to exceed that number this year. Still, many in our community, on all three Islands, are not aware of the work we do and Ombuds Day provides a good opportunity to hopefully start that conversation”.  

The website for the Office of the Ombudsman provides further information and guidance with FAQs and resources such as laws and regulations, forms, etc. Our office can also be contacted by phone on 946-6283 or email [email protected]


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