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Super Hilarious and Silly Truth or Dare Questions Part 1

By Teressa Lisbon From Olwomen

Truth or dare is a fun game to play among a group of friends. It is a great way to pass time and with a bunch of creative minds, the game can be turned into a fun event that everyone enjoys. It is always essential to have a degree of frankness and trust among the players to make the game more enjoyable and the contest a lot tougher, otherwise, normal questions lead to awkward silences and mood swings. If you are having a tense or rather formal environment, you should resort to truth or dare questions that should ease out the tension and create a comfortable environment. Here is a list of similar questions that should be fun.

Truth Questions

“It is pretty obvious that when a player prefers truth over dare, he is being shy. Maybe these few questions should help cover that up. The answers will surely leave you all rolling over laughing.”

26. What Is The Worst Rumor You Were Responsible For; One You Fabricated And Spread All Over The School?

25. What is the Most Embarrassing Moment of Your Life?

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life

Of course you were expecting better, but when you are running out of ideas, why make the fun wait. If the person you are asking is game enough, this can turn into a fun story or better, a hilarious one. But again make sure you don’t waste this one on a cheeky person. Save it for the best.

24. Guilty Pleasures Name Three

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are meant to be embarrassing. That is the entire purpose of this game after all. Even people with the worst sense of humor are to answer in such a way that will leave you in splits. It could be anything from intimate things to gross imaginations.

23. What Question Do You Have In Mind Which You Don’t Want To Be Asked Her

This is a real test of wits for any person. A shy person above all is to respond with more interesting answers. Don’t play easy with anyone and keep the question in mind for further rounds. This is bound to give the game a touch of unexpected comedy. Chances are that the next person will refrain from going with truth questions in the rounds to come and prefer dare questions. That’s good news; isn’t it?

22. Who, Other Than Your Mother Has Kissed You The Most In Life?

Now there’s a question to challenge. It will probably be an aunt from either side of the family. Don’t let the story end there, ask about that person and what he looks like. You will probably find the answers rather interesting. It will give you a point to tease the person. Such opportunities should not be wasted.

21. On Swimming Days, How Often Do You Pee In The Swimming Pool?

The question sounds absurd, but you should admit it. You are a culprit in this game too. Sometimes the situation calls for it, at other times you are too lazy to get out and make it to the bathroom, and since you are playing truth or dare, this would make a creative answer.

20. The Bravest And Most Daring Dare You Ever Accepted In your Life and Performed!

How can this question not be asked? You will probably double over in bursts of laughter. A question like this challenges even your biggest ideas and imaginations. Besides you will need new ideas for dares for the next rounds anyway. Perhaps if the same person chooses dare questions over truth, you could ask him this question.

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