October 2, 2023

Oliver Kinross to host The Latin America and Caribbean Security Summit 2014 In Miami

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The summit will cover a range of topics varying from counter narcotics, maritime security, penitentiary security, private & corporate security, etc.

The event will showcase latest technology, equipment and services at the forefront of the security industry

Oliver Kinross will be hosting The Latin America and Caribbean Security Summit 2014 in Miami, Florida, following the success of its Africa Security and Counter Terrorism Summit. The event will bring together the key decision makers charged with securing Latin America and the Caribbean and will include two days of high level presentations from the Government, Military, Associations and Service Providers from across the continent and around the world. Attendees will meet with the key decision makers and learn about the challenges and opportunities in the continents security sector.

Oliver-Kinross-logo-220Some of the speakers include General Rodolfo Palomino Lopez Director General, National Police of Colombia, Dr. DarIo RuIz, Sr. Secretary of Cooperation with the Judicial Powers, Prosecutors and Legislatures of The Ministry of National Security of Argentina, Patrick Brown, Defense Attaché Caribbean, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ricardo Fabio Giraldo Villegas,Director General, administrative security department Colombia, Marcela Donadio, Executive Secretary, Resdal Latin American Security and Defense Network, FelIpe- Alberto alVarado, Sr. Security Manager, Coca-Cola de México.

The event will also showcase the latest technology, equipment and services at the forefront of the security industry offering visionary solutions in order to tackle global war on terrorism and organized crime. The digital age has allowed terrorism to expand as it now has developed a cyber dimension leading to the threat of cyber-terrorism. The global security situation continues to develop and constantly evolve forcing the security industry to adjust previous strategies and look to new technology development in order to overcome these emerging security challenges. The conference will focus on future security dynamics as well as drawing upon past corporate security challenges and how these can be overcome in using new technology.

At the summit focus will be drawn upon overcoming past challenges and looking to new alternatives to conquer threats these nations are facing. The terrorist and security threat is an international issue which is constantly growing and evolving, this constant change means that nations are forced to adjust security strategies at a rapid rate. Innovation and debate strategies are key in order to challenge international terrorism. Presentations will be made looking at past successful case studies within security. The summit will cover a range of topics varying from Counter Narcotics, Maritime Security, Penitentiary Security, Private & Corporate Security, Challenges faced by the National Police, Training of the police & armed forces for a better security and latest technological advancements in the industry.

There will be focus on various regions in particular Colombia, with an overview of techniques used to bring security and stability to the country which was once considered the most dangerous place in the world. Colombia’s security expertise will be explored and how they can be exported to other regions. The summit will be held at the Miami Convention Center adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Miami provides a conveniently located meeting point for security professionals from both Latin America and the Caribbean to meet and discuss the latest security challenges across the wider region. The innovative summit is due to be a huge success.

Event: Latin America and Caribbean Security Summit 2014

Type: Regional security Dates: Oct 23 – 24, 2014Location:Miami, United States of America (USA)

Address:​ Miami Florida United States of America (USA) Event URL:http://www.latinamericasecuritysummit.com/

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