January 23, 2022

Older Persons’ Gala

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seniors-gala-5editedseniors-gala3editedseniors-gala2editedseniors-gala1editedseniors-gala-6editedOlder Persons’ Gala a Crowning Success

George Town swept the board when two of the district’s seniors were crowned King and Queen at the Older Persons’ Month Seniors’ Bash on Saturday, 15 October 2016.

They and 198 other attendees from across the Cayman Islands dressed up and boogied down at the dinner dance held at the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa. As well as soca and calypso by the New Generation band, the seniors also danced the night away to vintage ska, swing band music and country.

Crowned King at the end of the night, Crosby Walton originally from Cayman Brac also got a standing ovation for his rousing rendition of a Frank Sinatra standard. The Queen title was won by Glennis Ramoon. Each winner received a brunch voucher for two from the Westin.

Traditionally seen as one of the highlights of Older Persons’ Month calendar, the bash was held in the hotel’s ballroom.

Organised by the Department of Children and Family Services, the welcome address was given by the Minister for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, the Hon. Osbourne Bodden. He invited seniors to relax and enjoy themselves at the soirée in their honour, and acknowledged the $13,000 worth of sponsorship for Older Persons’ Month events from Cayman National Bank and Ernst & Young.

Miss Gayle Connolly, 65, was one of eight Cayman Brac attendees. It was the West End resident’s first time at the bash. She commented favourably on the catering and particularly appreciated the singing by entertainer Barbara Gee whose repertoire included “Queen of the Silver Dollar.”

Miss Sarah Ebanks, 80, was another of the many attendees who went away tired but happy. The resident of the Golden Age Home in West Bay said, “I enjoyed it very much as I saw a lot of friends I’d not seen in months.”

The former North Side resident especially liked dancing to the live calypso music. “The crowd and the music were excellent,” she said. “That’s when you can put it on the floor.”

Ms Ebanks also mentioned that the atmosphere, good food and music reminded her of the town hall dances she and her friends frequented as young adults.

Mr. Trevor Watler from East End agreed that the bash had been a great success. Bussed in on DCFS transport, the octogenarian thought the meal was “fabulous” but didn’t dance due to hip and back problems. He said he would especially have liked to dance a waltz or two as they were particular favourites in his heyday.

The evening ended at 10 p.m.

The next Older Persons’ Month events both take place Saturday, 22 October and include:

▪The Tea Party, Dan and Lisa Scott’s house in Cayman Brac, 4 p.m. – 6. p.m. and

▪The Yesteryear Social, George Town Town Hall, 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Persons needing transportation or tickets to these and any other Older Persons Month events should contact Dorline Welcome, 925-4083 (West Bay and George Town), Delmira Bodden, 925-5543 (East End and Bodden Town)

Vanda Powery, 916-7902 (North Side) and Annie Rose Scott, 916-7310 (Cayman Brac).


Seniors Gala 1

The Minister for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, Osbourne Bodden joined revelers on the dance floor at this year’s Seniors’ Gala at the Westin.

Seniors Gala2

Older Persons’ Month Ambassadors, Mr. James Powery and Mrs. Janilee Clifford, danced the night away at the Seniors’ Gala.

Seniors Gala3

Director of Children and Family Services Felicia Robinson danced with Miss Olive Miller at the Seniors’ Gala at the Westin.

 Seniors Gala5

King and Queen of the Seniors’ Gala dance competition, Miss Glennis Ramoon and Mr. Crosby Walton, were congratulated by Director of DCFS Felicia Robinson.

Seniors Gala6

Singer Barbara Gee sang to an appreciative audience.



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