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Octave gets its own Channel!

From PS Audio

We are as pleased as punch to announce the launch of Octave Records‘ new YouTube television channel.

No, we’re not Disney + with the Beatles, but our new channel has plenty of good reasons to subscribe. You can keep up to date with the step-by-step building process we’re featuring of the new Octave Studios. As of this writing, we’re on update 6 where the drywall’s just finished and they are ready to begin the next steps. In future episodes, you’ll watch us as we build out the world’s most advanced state-of-the-art recording studio.

And, we’ve got music videos and artist interviews. We’ll be showing live-captured footage of the recordings like the one we just published from Octave Record’s newest artist, Thom LaFond. Watch and hear a track off his upcoming Octave release, The Moon Leans In which debuts this Christmas (see the bigger story in this month’s newsletter). It’s a fabulous recording of a remarkably talented songwriter and singer you will love.

And if that’s not enough, I am hosting a Master Class called The Analog Mixer. Learn how our wonderful Studer analog mixer (formerly owned by the Rolling Stones and later, Neil Young) works, how we use it to mix Octave Recordings, and what the future holds.

Head here and subscribe today. Once subscribed we’ll let you know as soon as a new video is released.
Octave Records Channel
Paul McGowan


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