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NOTED BY BEVAN SPRINGER – Visitors to Puerto Rico are happy campers

FEBRUARY 24, 2023

Visitors to Puerto Rico are happy campers

Credit: Discover Puerto Rico

A comprehensive year-long study that included interviews with more than 1,600 travelers to Puerto Rico indicates that visitors to the Spanish-speaking U.S. territory enjoyed their travel experience.

Discover Puerto Rico announced that a highlight of the study’s findings is that 98 percent of visitors were satisfied with their experience on the island, with 95 percent estimating they will return in the future. Fewer than 15 percent experienced concerns during their stay.

“With such high satisfaction and desire to return among recent visitors, this group of travelers offers an important opportunity for the island. They are the ‘low-hanging fruit’ with a higher likelihood of conversion,” said Erin Francis-Cummings, Chief Executive Officer of Destination Analysts, which conducted the study with Gaither International.

In 2022, about half of the leisure travelers to Puerto Rico were repeat visitors. “In a time of economic anxiety or uncertainty, this group is an opportunity for Puerto Rico to sustain visitation in the near term,” said Francis-Cummings.

The main reason for travel was vacation (65 percent), while 13 percent was to visit relatives or friends. Travelers selected Puerto Rico as a destination for its weather (34 percent), scenic beauty (32 percent), followed by local culture (31 percent).

On average, travelers stayed for a little more than six nights, while about half stayed in hotels and a third opting for short-term rentals. Each visitor spent around $208 per day, including accommodations, food, entertainment, experiences and shopping.

Last year, Puerto registered its best year in the history of the tourism industry. Visitor spending totaled $5.7 billion, rental taxes $116 million, and 91,500 jobs were tallied in the recreation and lodging sectors.


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