December 2, 2020

No property rights revealed in GLF pay-off

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7631980At the Thursday (31) Government Press Briefing, Tourism Minister Cline Glidden revealed that Italian based company, GLF Construction’s $2.5M pay-off as a settlement agreement relating to the termination of the cruse berthing negotiations with them by former premier McKeeva Bush, has not resulted in any intellectual property rights.

Bush claimed that Cayman had got these property rights when the payment was made to GLF but Glidden said his staff had not been able to find any of these intellectual property rights the former premier mentioned.

Glidden said there appeared to be no ownership rights with the Cayman Island Government (CIG) nor had anyone paid government for any intellectual property. Stran Bodden, Glidden’s chief officer was looking into what the CIG got in the GLF pay-off.

To date, Glidden said, they had not been able to identify anything for the GLF pay-off.

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