July 1, 2022

Nine Cayman Islands’ recruits training to join HMCIPS

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A total of nine recruits will soon officially join Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service after learning what it takes to be a prison officer.

On Monday, 16 January 2017 the new recruitment class, comprised of seven males and two females, began an intense 8-week training programme.

The chosen nine out-tested and out-performed more than 200 other applicants who signed up at the Joint Law Enforcement Job Fair in September 2016.

In all, four Caymanians, one permanent residency holder and four local residents have earned a spot in the final selection process after passing the math and English proficiency, fitness tests and the interview process.

Currently in the classroom the new recruits are covering theory and practical application of prison craft.

“These individuals will be exposed to a great deal of learning in critical areas such as prison policy and proper procedures, how to conduct searches, control and restraint techniques, rehabilitation strategies, and other required techniques that help maintain good order within the prison,” Prison Director Neil Lavis explained.

On Tuesday, 24 January 2017 drill training began for the recruitment class.

“Drill training is designed to teach each recruit discipline, quick response, how to follow instructions, give instructions with authority, how to work as a team and to take pride in their appearance and performance,” Mr. Lavis noted.

After the eight week training course, the new recruits will then receive four weeks of on the job training by shadowing other seasoned prison officers.

“We are thrilled that so many recruits have stepped up to the challenge,” the director added. “They are extremely eager to assume the difficult and sometimes dangerous work that goes with being a Prison Officer. This group has shown tremendous drive and dedication thus far, and I look forward to what the future holds for them here at the Prison Service.”


Photo Captions:

9 New Recruits Photo:

Back (L-R)  Avery Ebanks, Tavarist Fowler, Lowell Connor, Dewayne Brown, Derick Johnson

Front (L-R)  Jerome Burrowes, Ashley Ebanks, Tracy Ann Bodden, Gerald Otieno

Prison Leaders with New Recruits:

Director Neil Lavis; Officer Randolph Scott, Drill Instructor; Recruit Avery Ebanks; Recruit Tavarist Fowler; Recruit Lowell Connor; Recruit Dewayne Brown; Recruit Derick Johnson; Recruit Gerald Otieno; Recruit Jerome Burrowes; Recruit Tracy Ann Bodden; Recruit Ashley Ebanks; Custodial Manager Steve Hansen, Training; Officer Dave Williams, Assistant Drill Instructor

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