April 22, 2021

Newhanfu offers an interesting collection of Hanfu dresses

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Every country has its own unique traditional clothes and people are using them to differentiate one country from another. In China, there are different kinds of traditional Chinese clothing like Hanfu. 

The Hanfu is the oldest traditional clothes in China. This clothing was continuously improved throughout various dynasties. During the Han dynasty, Hanfu was vigorously promoted and adopted by the ruling class. Then it became the national clothing of the Han ethnic folks. Also, it had extensive influences on neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to quality and beautiful Hanfu dresses, Newhanfu is one of the best providers. For those who are interested in this kind of clothing, check today’s post and get to know more about Newhanfu’s collection of Hanfu dresses 

Collection of Hanfu Dresses by Newhanfu

  1. Modern Hanfu

The modern Hanfu collection of Newhanfu is an improved version inheriting the elements of traditional Hanfu dresses. Because of development and long-term innovation, the modern Hanfu is highly adapted to the convenient social life in this modern day. 

Typically, this collection is utilizing western-style three-dimensional cuttings. Also, the Hanfu dress included in this Newhanfu collection isa combination of trendy colors and retro patterns. 

  1. Wuxia Hanfu 

Wuxia Hanfu has been valued by many for a long time. Because of the fame of ancient costume dramas as well as martial arts novels in all parts of the world, Wuxia cosplays have been on the rise. With that in mind, Newhanfu decided to offer an interesting and beautiful collection of Wuxia Hanfu dresses. 

  1. Ruqun Hanfu

Ruqun Hanfu is popular during the dynasty. The Hanfu dresses included in the collection of Newhanfu has a unique feature. The bottom skirt is long, whereas the upper shirt is short. On the other hand, the bottom and upper proportions refer to the golden ratio. Nevertheless, Ruqun Hanfu dressed offered by Newhanfu come with a rich visual beauty. 

  1. Aoqun Hanfu

The difference between the Ruqun and Aoqun is that the top of the latter is made of thicker material. It is because Aoqun is widely utilized to replace the shirt of Ruqun. Thus, it can be used as a day-to-day winter coat

This collection of Newhanfu comes in handy when the weather became colder. Usually, girls wear this dress together with warm cloaks, the most common clothing combination during winter. 

  1. Casual Hanfu

Casual Hanfu dresses from Newhanfu use softer materials. Thus, it is perhaps the most comfortable piece of clothing one will ever slip into. Moreover, those who like classic Hanfu dresses or customers will surely love this collection.

From crispy white styles and prairie versions to flowy floral prints, Newhanfu can offer a wide variety of options. 


When it comes to Hanfu dresses and collections, Newhanfu will not disappoint its buyers. Aside from having a wide variety of options, they are also offering quality and attractive clothing available at reasonable prices.

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