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New workspace application Planisy reinvents multi-type resource planning for SMBs


  • Powered by dizmoTM, lead provider of fast integration software platforms, Planisy is the first multi-type resource allocation planner of its kind
  • The SaaS application software combines human, machine, equipment, locations, physical and digital elements – delivering an unprecedented level of usability to customers
  • The technology aims to support SMEs in their digital transformation process by boosting their operational efficiency across wide-ranging industry sectors, from construction to medicine and professional services

30 November 2022 – Zurich, Switzerland

Application Software PlanisyTM, digitising the entire planning process to simplify resource allocation for businesses, becomes available today as a full SaaS solution. 

This advancement in B2B SaaS technology provides a holistic view of all business assets and is able to dynamically assign resources and rapidly resolve allocation conflicts. Managers will use it to instantaneously react to the unexpected, collaboratively plan ahead and optimise resource usage – all within one fully interactive software application.

“Covid identified the need for businesses to become more agile and resilient. This highlighted an opportunity for investment in virtualising operations and a new class of truly collaborative planning tools to enter the market”, said CEO Luigi Mantellassi of dizmo AG, the Company behind the technology powering Planisy, “dizmo’s commitment to enable teams to “make better decisions faster” was never truer than with Planisy”.

By 2025(1) companies will deploy 95% of new digital workloads on cloud-native platforms and will not be able to fully execute on their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and technologies.

Through its innovative architecture, Planisy will support SMEs to make future-proof advancements and set them apart from competitors. This will be particularly transformative in industries such as construction and healthcare that have traditionally lacked the technological capabilities to streamline their digital planning services.

  1. Source: Gartner

About Planisy:
Planisy is a multi-type resource allocation and scheduling application based on dizmo’s patented interactive workspace. Unlike other workplace planning software, it uniquely understands the dependencies between the multiple types of resources, drastically reducing scheduling burden, resource misallocation and enhancing capacity planning. Powered by dizmo, it focuses on the availability of resources and their inter-dependencies, at any one point in time, thus providing an easy way to quickly identify and resolve gaps, boosting operational efficiency.

For more information on the Application software please visit

About dizmo:

Dizmo is the Interface of ThingsTM, a composite front-end software platform that solves the problems of microservices integration and transforms the way we interact with data. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, dizmo’s vision is to enable the transition from technology-literate people to people-literate technology. Its unique patented technology and interaction concepts are used by customers worldwide in all industry segments. The core management team has well over 100 years’ experience as professionals in the IT industry, across various parts of the globe and has successfully founded several start-ups.  For more information, visit:


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