November 29, 2023

New technology revolutionizing the future of crypto security

Presently, there hasn’t been anyone who can guarantee that they can keep your cryptocurrency and other digital assets safe. The only solutions that exist are considered “cold solutions,” and because of their nature, it causes assets to get lost or misplaced. Thefts have impacted the entire crypto market due to their cyber crimes, leaving people feeling weary about investing any time or effort into cryptocurrency. One company, Eclypses, has created KryptiWallet ™.

KryptiWallet™ is the most secure wallet in existence, using Patented MTE Technology and utilizing its parent company, Eclypses, which offers PCI-DSS Level Certified 1 Digital Vault. KryptiWallet™ is also the most versatile wallet of its kind in that it can store any digital asset, not just cryptocurrency. KryptiWallet™ also allows for Peer to Peer use and has a full 3rd party exchange integration. Would you like to speak to Steven Russo, Executive Vice President of KryptiWallet™ to learn more about this revolutionary crypto security technology?

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