October 28, 2020

New service offers cheaper freight option


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The new SEAX service being offered to Sprint Customers

Sprint Express Services – a locally based courier company with 16 years of experience in providing courier and freight transportation services to the Cayman Islands – is now offering its clients a lower cost shipping option.

“In addition to our overnight ZIPX air express service, our clients now have the option of shipping their larger, less time sensitive pieces through our new SEAX service,” said Sprint’s manager Gloria Montana.

“The SEAX service has been developed to provide customer satisfaction by offering a low cost shipping alternative to our clients in the face of global rising costs,” Ms Montana said.

SEAX’s lower pricing is based on volume rather than weight, so there will be no dimensional weight cost – a big plus for those wishing to make larger, bulkier shipments.

“Shipping is twice per week. Monday sail arrives here on Wednesday and once cleared by customs, customers can collect their shipment at our office by Thursday afternoon.

“Shipments for Thursday sail can be collected at our office by Monday afternoon. When comparing costs with air service, small packages shipped via SEAX can save the customer nearly half the price if they can wait for their shipment for a couple more days.

“Of course, with larger items, the savings can be much bigger. With the SEAX service, the bigger your volume, the greater your savings,” Ms Montana said.

Sprint’s clients certainly seemed to appreciate the benefits offered by the new SEAX option. Shaun Gale said:

“I like it. It is a little slower but the cost is much better. For any large/heavy items or items I am not in a hurry for, I think it is the
better choice.”

Another client, Shawn Smith commented: “I am completely pleased with this new product. It’s a very cost effective way to ship your purchases big and small.”

Sheryl Lopez said: “I’m very satisfied with SEAX. My online purchases arrived within definite time without exception ever since I started using SEAX. And the best part is, you can’t beat the price. No other shipping couriers I am aware of offers the same price. Most shipping couriers charge no less than three times the cost of shipping via SEAX.”

Ms Montana explained some of the other things that make the new SEAX service so attractive to Sprint’s customers: “We’ve simplified our billing system, and have structured our rates in order to encourage consumers to change their approach to shipping via ocean freight.

“Before, customers thought ocean freight shipments had to be in big volumes to make it worthwhile. Now you can ship from as little as one cubic foot from US$8.00 to a container load,” she said.

“It’s a great method for shipping any size package for online shopping at sites such as Target, Walmart and Amazon.”

Ms Montana said that when ordering goods online, Sprint customers could also benefit from another service the company offers at no extra cost:

“Some companies require a US billing address, and we provide you with one,” she said.

“There are no membership fees – you just have to be an account member with Sprint. Now is the time to start shopping for packages to arrive in time for Christmas, because it’s only going to get busier.”

Photo Caption: The new SEAX service being offered to Sprint Customers


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