January 19, 2022

New names emerge in Dieter Neupert and LOPAG Code Red Investigation

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LOPAG Trust, Panama Papers and Paradise Papers Deliver Results

CHEYENNE, WY, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — An FIA Interpol investigation escalated to Interpol of Pakistan, when a Code Blue investigation was instituted against Dieter Neupert, Director of LOPAG Trust Reg., Dominik Naeff and Louis Oehri. At that time, sources indicated Neupert made the Domestic No Exit List.

Currently, two directors from Fund Fiduciary Partners (Cayman) Ltd (FFP), who provide fiduciary and liquidation services, Christopher Rowland and Andrew Childe are linked to LOPAG Trust, Dieter Neupert and the Paradise Papers. Rowland is member of the board of directors in a variety of investment firms and companies in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, USA, Channel Islands and the UK. Childe is an independent director providing board level governance and dispute resolution advice to companies, partnerships, trusts and financial entities and is a Court appointed liquidator in the Cayman Islands.

Recently, FFP made potentially crucial judgment mistakes when agreeing to act as Director of B&C Capital Ltd in Cayman, and as trustees for Jho Law (Malaysia), replacing Virtue Trustees (AG) and the Rothschild Trust (Schweiz) AG.

B&C Capital Ltd., Cayman
A Winding Up petition from BVI was issued in the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands regarding B&C Capital Ltd on June 2, 2016, followed by a Winding Up Order issued by the Grand Court on July 22, 2016. Between those dates, two new directors were appointed to B&C Capital: Andrew Childe and Michael Pearson from FFP Cayman.

Allegedly, the Bateman companies laundered tens of millions of dollars, stolen from Canadian clients. Sources in the Bahamas reported that a government agency there froze corporate bank accounts controlled by the Cayman Islands securities trader, Bateman. These companies are Bahamas Exploration Limited and Atlantic Petroleum Limited.

CIMA had Bateman’s status as director of B&C cancelled on June 30, 2016. These shell companies are reportedly still holding potential crime proceeds, and were transferred to Ryan Bateman. At an unknown date, Childe and Pearson resigned, potentially in light of the official appointment of liquidators for the companies.

JhO Low, Rothschild Trustees, FFP.
1MDB is a multi-billion national investment board for Malaysia, aimed at encouraging economic development and business creation. In 2015, reporters uncovered evidence of mass corruption. Some 700 million (USD) out of 1MDB funding were directed to personal accounts of the Malaysian PM, Datuk Seri Najib Razak. It’s estimated that $4 billion (USD) were laundered through the Malaysian fund.

The scandal includes Swiss banks and trust firms, the PetroSaudi company and UAE-based investment bankers, and the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

In January 2017, the case was heard in New Zealand, where a judge ruled that a Malaysian tycoon on the run, Jho Low, could change the trustees managing the billion dollars worth of assets that U.S. authorities had seized on the ground and that they were a product of money laundering from 1MDB. The Swiss bankers originally assigned to the task, refused to contest the U.S. DOJ seizure notices.

Following the unorthodox ruling in New Zealand, Low placed a group of New Zealand nationals who run the financial management company FFP in the Caymans in charge of their assets.

FFP through Andrew Childe and Michael Pearson immediately filed a challenge in the U.S. against the DOJ seizure of the Low family assets in the USA. U.S. prosecutors made clear they were not ready to accept the New Zealand/ Cayman Island legal tactics and went back to court to fight off the challenge.

Now FFP/Childe’s names are again connected to potentially corrupt business dealings to the controversial LOPAG Trust.

Dieter Neupert and LOPAG Code Red Investigation

Previously, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was disqualified over prior revelations of the Panama Papers investigations. This incident remains critical in the fight against international money laundering. Sources close to the Pakistani government indicated that the investigation with companies such as LOPAG Trust (Liechtenstein), were being closely examined throughout a number of countries.

The latest investigation, Ref. Number DY No: 5579/15-09-17, revealed in a letter stating that FIA Interpol has an on-going investigation against LOPAG Trust of Liechtenstein, and against Dieter Neupert. Sources in Lahore, Pakistan, were informed that an official document from the FIA Interpol-Pakistan was issued with the same case number.

Pakistani authorities began scrutinizing numerous foreign companies and institutions participating in money laundering activities and began aggressively cleaning up their financial system. Charges were filed against foreign companies and institutions that have known terrorist ties. Authorities began vigorously pursuing companies worldwide involved in money laundering.

Within the scope of these investigations, efforts were made to clean up the financial system. The Pakistani government targeted many banks and small banking institutions, which were part of nefarious activities. The Pakistani officials targeted individuals allegedly having ties to foreign companies, among others – to LOPAG Trust (Dominik Naeff – Louis Oehri) and to Dr. Dieter Neupert.

In cases like this, the Police in one of the member countries (in this case – the Pakistan Police) issue Red Notice requests via their National Central Bureau, and provide information on cases and suspects. The Interpol General Secretariat publishes a Notice after a compliance check is completed. At that stage, Police worldwide are alerted.

A legal Red Notice is an arrest warrant or court order issued by judicial authorities in any given country. Interpol is recognized as an official channel for transmitting requests for provisional arrest in a number of bilateral and multilateral extradition treaties.

LOPAG Trust Reg., based in Ruggell, Liechtenstein, and Dieter Neupert raised authorities’ suspicions in light of a number of known people of power to which they are connected. A partial list of these “celebs” include Russian oligarchs, the Qatar Royal Family and Hossni Mobarak. Recently, their names surfaced as connected to Appleby and the Paradise Papers – as revealed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The Panama Papers and Paradise papers continue to provide insight into the unknown world of money laundering, a world populated by individuals, companies, organizations and sometimes even governments. The shadowy LOPAG Trust Reg. remains, while Dieter Neupert, Naeff and Oehri remain at large.



Kim Clark
Investor Corner Media

SOURCE: http://pressreleases.pl/?p=4869979

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  1. This article is calumny at its worst, sponsored by Tamar Perry and Dr. Johannes Gasser and it was published by corrupt cowards.

  2. FFP has implicated into Jho Low 1MDB massive money laundering operation, again, this time involving now investigated Kuwait Sheikh Fronted Jho Low’s Cayman Island Asset Transfers in 2017. Cayman claims to have a robust AML framework, but does it really in practice?

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