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New Law allows Police to tap into phones

A new law that was passed at 9:00am, Monday July 15th, allows the Island’s police force to tap into conversations involving anyone, deemed by their standards to be a crime suspect.

The RCIPS now has the technical and legal capabilities to “give a listen” to any conversation between phone parties, without notification to phone users.

The new move is aimed at improving the investigative capabilities of the police service through access to any information considered relevant to investigation.

The following are some of the opinions which members of the general public shared with iNews on the new legislation.


Name: Levan Lewis

Age: 26

District: George Town

Comments: “I agree with the move, I think we need a reduction in crime, not an increase.

At the end of the day, we all want to be safe. I think it has advantages. Crime affects everyone. We need to start looking out for each other, the criminals are not looking out for us.”


Name: Gregory Merren:

Age: 51

District: George Town

Comments: “Yes, I agree with the move, providing that certain protocols are in place and the necessary warrants are in place to do so, such as a court order or an order from a Justice of the Peace. If it is done in that orderly way, pursuant to criminal activities I have no problem whatsoever.”


Name: Tom Curnock

Age: 39

District: Seven Mile Beach

Comments: “It is ok as long as an independent body oversees it. The challenge is avoiding its abuse. We need strict procedures and regulations in place to prevent the access being misused.”


Name: Melanie Carmichael

Age: 40

District: George Town

Comments: “Absolutely I agree. I have nothing to hide, so therefore it is no violation. I have faith in our Police Department and I don’t think that they are that corrupt.”


Name: Glen Anderson

Age: 34

District: Newlands

Comments: “I think it will help in solving crimes. I have travelled all over the world and I have seen other jurisdictions that have similar legislation. In other countries all they need is permission from a judge. Even though this new law can be abused, I believe it will still serve its purpose.”


Name: Beverly Nangyo

Age: 25

District: George Town

Comments: “The new law is ok as long as it only applies to people that are suspects.”




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