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New Fintech Consultancy launches in Cayman Islands to meet growing demand globally

Grand Cayman, 19 March 2019: A new management consulting firm has opened in Cayman, led by fintech experts Brandon Caruana and Brian Tang. Cartan Group LLC (“Cartan”) is the first technology-focused strategy and management consulting agency on island, dedicated to helping institutional clients embrace emerging technologies that could disrupt their global strategies and operating models.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in leading and initiating IT strategies and digital transformations for large financial services firms locally, and driven by a desire to leverage some of the digital innovations happening globally to reduce long-term expenditure and improve efficiency and productivity, Cartan meets a growing demand in the industry for advice around digitalisation, with the company’s key offerings geared towards digital strategy, data and analytics, and digital transformation services.

“The heightened demand of digital change and the growing pressures for entrepreneurs and enterprises to digitalise means businesses large and small are having to transform by integrating new, innovative technology with business operations,” said co-founder Brandon Caruana. “We are challenging how traditional consulting services firms work by creating a modern, digital consultancy that can deliver tangible value to start-ups, SMEs and larger institutional clients.”

Cartan will serve local and international clients from their headquarters in Grand Cayman, offering innovative advisory, strategy, governance and technology solutions to businesses around the world. The firm has also developed a unique set of proprietary platforms and services to help organisations understand and adapt to the new digital environment, including a 360° Industry Monitor platform that uses advanced data analytics to understand key market drivers, rising threats and potential opportunities underlying specific industries, as well as an 180° Enterprise Innovation Lab designed to transform large operations and complex processes into small, distributed and empowered teams.

While the services are relatively new locally, Cartan builds on its extensive experience in the space – the founders have dealt with a wealth of projects in data and emerging technology, including the development and implementation of the first and only regulated blockchain asset custody solution in the Cayman Islands. The leadership team is also a regular advisor to government and other regulatory bodies on the potential impact of these emerging industries.

As members of the Financial Services Legislation Committee’s FinTech Sub-committee and founding members of the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands, Cartan is also working to educate the local community on the wider fintech industry. The firm launched Women Code Cayman with the support of Cayman Enterprise City and Ministry of Community Affairs. Women Code Cayman helps women who are passionate about technology become tech leaders in Cayman’s digital economy.

Looking ahead to the future, Caruana concluded, “As the need to digitalise remains top of the agenda for many large businesses, and the emerging potential of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets signifies an exclusive opportunity for Cayman to become a leading offshore location for these new technologies, we are excited to be propelling the local industry forward while assisting global clients to navigate this new world.”

About Cartan Group LLC

Cartan Group LLC is a Cayman Islands-based management consulting firm offering digital strategy, data and analytics, and digital transformation services to institutional clients around the globe. Founded by fintech experts, Brandon Caruana and Brian Tang, Cartan helps clients to embrace the most cutting-edge innovations to evolve their businesses. Leveraging their expert teams and global network, Cartan uniquely delivers end-to-end digital, consulting and technology solutions with deep experience in data analytics, corporate finance and governance, as well as emerging technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. The leadership team is a regular advisor to government and other regulatory bodies and founding members of the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands. For more information, visit


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