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New E.U. law to hold businesses accountable for rights abuses is being prepared

From “Monica Burns, Freedom United”

Something huge is brewing in the European Union! A new law to hold businesses accountable for rights abuses is being prepared.Learn more in our Speak Free and call for a strong, effective law.

Not in the E.U.? This still affects you!

In today’s world, supply chains are global – so our action and solidarity must be global too. Companies who trade in the E.U. are exploiting workers and harming communities all over the world. We’re calling for this law to give those people access to justice in E.U. courts! By holding companies to high standards in the E.U., we can also raise the bar for other corporations globally.      

Companies have been lining shareholders’ pockets thanks to business practices that trap people in modern slavery and wreak environmental havoc along their global value chains. This law could change that!  
Call for a strong law
 But first, we need to make sure that corporate lobbyists don’t succeed in watering the proposal down and riddling the legislation with loopholes! They may be loud, but WE CAN BE LOUDER!

Together with 100 other civil society and trade union organizations, the Freedom United community is mobilizing to ensure this law can deliver true corporate accountability.
Philip Reynaers / Photonews / Justice is Everybody’s Business
Join the campaign
 On September 6, the Justice is Everybody’s Business campaign launched with a bang. Activists took to the streets of Brussels with a 3-meter-tall set of scales to make our demands clear, showing the current prioritization of corporate profit over human rights and climate justice. Learn more about the campaign here. 

This interactive stunt showed the public and E.U. officials the importance of people power. Our message was loud and clear: together, we can tip the scales. Will you join us to push for a strong E.U. due diligence law? 
Take action now!
Monica Burns
Freedom United Campaigner


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