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New Caymanian employee for Cayman Islands DPSC

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – The Ministry of Home Affairs is pleased to announce Mr. Sean Vasquez as the Assistant Director of Electronic Monitoring for the Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC).

Under the new post, Mr. Vasquez is responsible for the operation of the Electronic Monitoring Centre (EMC), which provides surveillance of selected offenders as referred to the Electronic Monitoring Program by the Courts, Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Mr. Vasquez will also act as the Government’s CCTV Administrator tasked with video surveillance of the National CCTV Program, which includes up to 300 CCTV cameras located across the Island, and all EMC supervisors and officers.

“I am honoured to become part of the DPSC team and I look forward to building on the existing framework of the department, and supporting the vision for public safety communications for the Islands,” he explained.

Mr. Vasquez, a Caymanian, holds a degree in Business Administration from University College of the Cayman Islands, and is also certified as a circuit civil mediator thatworks with disputed parties to help develop an agreement on the contended issues in their case.

His experience in the use and operations of public safety communications technology and physical monitoring extends in a variety of other industries both locally and internationally.

He served in the Royal Caymans Islands Police Service (RCIPS) for almost a decade where he worked in specialist departments, such as the Drugs Task Force, the Joint Intelligence Unit and serious crimes task forces.

Mr. Vasquez said the positions he held in various areas of operational policing enabled him to work, travel and train overseas in industries specific to public safety technology.

“This new role will allow me to work with the Director and the team to ensure that critical public safety technology is current and efficiently managed,” he stated. “I am committed, along with my colleagues, to the continued delivery of quality customer service to all stakeholders, in alignment with the Deputy Governor’s vision of a World-Class Civil Service.”

Director for DPSC, Julian Lewis, stated: “As the department continues to strive to provide world class services, we need people with the talent, experience and knowledge who are committed to serving and meeting the public safety needs of the community. Mr. Vasquez brings a strong background in public safety communications and, I look forward to working with him as we provide the Cayman Islands with the next generation of public safety communications services.”

“As the Chief Officer responsible for DPSC, I would like to welcome Mr. Vasquez to the team,” Dr. Dax Basdeo said. “He brings with him a wide breadth of experience and knowledge, which will further support the Ministry’s goal to strengthen public safety communications in alignment with the Government’s commitment to reducing crime and the fear of crime and strengthening communities.”

After serving in the RCIPS, Mr. Vasquez entered the private sector where he successfully filled managerial and administrative roles in a number of local companies.

While living and working in Cape Town, South Africa he was certified as a High Risk Close Personal Protection Officer.  After returning home to the Cayman Islands, Mr. Vasquez joined the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority’s Investments and Securities Division, and most recently the Department of Labour and Pensions as a Labour and Pensions Inspector.


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