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New approach to the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation

image001Patients with atrial fibrillation or AFib may benefit from a new procedure called the convergent approach for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. The minimally invasive procedure combines electrophysiology and cardiac surgery treatments to help restore normal heart rhythm for longtime suffers of AFib.

Early clinical experience has shown that the convergent approach, conducted in a single operating room setting, may improve early outcomes for the most challenging patients and can reduce procedure times when compared to approaches where the two disciplines work separately.

Tenet’s Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, a cardiac center of excellence that ranked top 10% in the nation for overall cardiac services by Healthgrades in 2016, is the first hospital in Palm Beach County, Florida to offer this new procedure.

“The convergent approach is a groundbreaking advancement for long-suffering AFib patients who may have been unsuccessful with other treatments,” said Jeffrey M. Welch, CEO of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. “We are excited to offer an alternative treatment option that is designed to reduce recovery times and improve patients’ overall quality of life.”

Following the procedure, it is possible that the patient’s daily rhythm medications may be reduced or even eliminated. Typical hospital stays last two to three days, compared to five days or more for more invasive heart surgery, and patients are back to their normal activities quickly.

Our award winning heart hospitals have extensive experience in complex, life-saving procedures. Our cardiologists and heart surgeons strive to help patients achieve better outcomes, quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and ultimately, better health. To learn more about the cardiac services offered by Tenet’s Florida hospitals, please visit


About Tenet Florida International:

With its close proximity and world-class healthcare, south Florida has been a preferred destination for patients from the Caribbean and Latin America seeking healthcare outside of their borders. As one of the largest healthcare networks in south Florida, Tenet Florida hospitals and outpatient centers are swiftly becoming a favored choice for health services by international patients. Tenet Florida comprises nine acute care hospitals with ten sites of service throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

Tenet Florida Hospitals’ specialized centers of excellence include:
• 2 major trauma hospitals (Level I)
• 1 pediatric hospital
• 6 bariatric centers
• 5 cardiac centers
• 10 orthopedic hospitals
• 3 NICU centers – level III (highest certification)
• 4 oncology centers
• 10 comprehensive & primary stroke centers
• 1 pediatric cardiology center
• 1 pediatric neurosurgery center
• 1 gamma knife center

Together, the nine hospitals with ten sites of service provide some of the most comprehensive, specialized medical, surgical and outpatient services in a single healthcare network. From the routine to the most challenging cases, Tenet Florida hospitals and outpatient centers have a strong reputation for delivering high quality healthcare and outstanding customer service. For more information on Tenet’s International program please email our team at [email protected]


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