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NEW ACTION: Let’s get cocoa farmers a living income!

Right now, Europe is negotiating the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive proposal. [1] This is a law to ensure that companies address human rights and environmental adverse impacts for all their workers.[2]  

We’re calling for this new law to make companies pay workers a living wage. This will help end exploitation and forced labor.   

Fair living wages support the eradication of child and forced labor. It will also incentivize non-E.U. countries to clean up their supply chains in order to maintain trade agreements with the E.U. in complying with this new law! 

Write to E.U. lawmakers

Currently, almost no cocoa farmers in West Africa earn a living income.[3] Poverty is recognized as one of the main factors that drives modern slavery. It makes farmers vulnerable to being exploited and also encourages them to exploit others – using coercion, instead of pay, for their labor on cocoa farms. This vulnerability can be removed simply through receiving a stable and living income. 

Learn more about living income

Including living income requirements in the proposed law already has the support of members of the European Parliament.[4] To ensure those requirements are included in the final draft, we also need the support of representatives in the Council of the European Union and the Commission.

Share this action to help us get as many emails as possible to the lawmakers.

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We welcome the European Parliament’s support for a proposed ban on goods produced with forced labor.[5]  The living income requirement will ensure that, as well as stopping the sale of forced labor goods, workers in supply chains have a chance at a better life.  

We want the chocolate we buy to pay the farmers who harvest the cocoa a living income. Thank you for joining the fight! 

Thank you for your activism,  

Kiki and the team supporting the Freedom United community 

Kiki LindenauAdvocacy Officer, Freedom United
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