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NEW! 38 chocolate companies graded

By Monica Burns, Freedom United

Calling everyone with a sweet tooth: the 2022 Chocolate Scorecard is finally here! If you want to make informed decisions about treats you buy and how they’re produced, you’re going to want to read this now
Discover your favorite brand’s rating
The Chocolate Scorecard provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of which brands are rising to the challengeof creating a chocolate industry that is good for people and the planet. It also calls out the rotten eggs for ignoring your demands for greater transparency and more ethical policies for slavery-free chocolate.  

Leading researchers and subject matter experts have come together to survey and grade 38 major chocolate brands on their policies related to: 
Child labor 
Living income 
Traceability & transparency 
Deforestation & climate 
Agrichemical management  
Get informed
Almost 180,000 of you have been calling for change from major chocolate companies, along with numerous civil society groups and associations. We want to see an end to child exploitation in chocolate production, including through the payment of a living wage for farmers and the scaling up of child labor monitoring and remediation systems.  

And the commitment and coordinated efforts of conscious consumers, activists and advocates like you are really paying off!This year’s scorecard shows real evidence of improvement in the chocolate sector.   

But there is plenty still to do! Many chocolate brands are still failing to do enough and to pay enough for cocoa to enable the communities in their supply chains to protect themselves from exploitation and environmental destruction.  

We know that informed consumers calling for change CAN and DO make a difference when it comes to company policies. That’s why we want this scorecard to spread the globe!   

Be part of the solution. Share the scorecard with everyone you knowwho cares about the people behind the products they consume! Read our suggestions on how to share it and tell us how you’re getting involved
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In solidarity,  Monica 
Monica Burns


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