December 5, 2020

Neighbourhood Moms’ Christmas party

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Neighbourhood Moms (NHM)- the grassroots networking and support group, got together for their Christmas party at the conference room in Governor’s Square.

The delicious home-cooked dinner was well worth the wait, and Santa turned up too.

“We also sang Christmas carols and we had lots of fun together,” said Neighbourhood Mom founder, Wilma Ebanks.

“Our regular monthly food distribution to or through our members also took place, as well as gift-giving, and we all had a delicious full course Christmas dinner prepared by our members,” Ms Ebanks added.

A generous donation of CI$500 from Cayman National Bank has  also helped the group provide families with toys in time for Christmas.

Later on, Santa turned up to make the party really special.

Neighbourhood moms holds monthly meetings and gets involved in lots of different things. It encourages moms (and dads too!) to keep an eye on their kids, amongst other things, and includes education and mutual empowerment programmes as well as just plain fun events for everyone to enjoy.

Fundraisers events, like the group’s recent flea market which raised over CI$300 held in Crewe Road, are also a great way of bringing people together.

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