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NCU’s Chamber Ensemble wows Cayman Islands residents

13602551425_95c17ca812From Northern Caribbean University

The talent and spirit of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) captivated myriad of audiences in the Cayman Islands recently, as the NCU’s Chamber Ensemble toured the islands and participated in the training of musical minds and performances at worship centres. The highlight of the visit to the British Isle was a grand concert at Georgetown SDA church in Grand Cayman. The team of musical gurus and academicians mesmerized the audiences on the islands as they ministered, met and greeted prospective students, participated in conferences and training seminars. The team of administrators, professors, and students.

The team of eager NCU ambassadors flew into foreign lands to share the value of NCU to all those who would watch, listen, or read what they had to share. Adiese Jonas, Marketing Manager of the NCU Media Group was delighted by the turnout at the various venues and deemed the trip a success. “We ventured into an almost unknown territory where we had to reintroduce NCU to the publics in the Cayman Islands. Some years ago, NCU had a large contingent of students from that territory but with the recent division of the Unions, the SDA membership may think they have lost its hold on the University they have worked hard in building. But we have news for these members: NCU is owned and operated by every single member of the SDA church in Jamaica and the Atlantic Caribbean Unions.”

The membership of the Georgetown, Ephesus, Savannah, and Kings congregations feasted on music from the NCU’s Chamber Ensemble led their conducting maestro, Dr. Andrew Marshall, Director of Choirs at NCU. Marshall was pleased with the response his team received throughout the tour. “As a team our primary mission is to witness for Christ. The Cayman Islands audience value and appreciate good music so it was a satisfying experience for us to be able to share the Word of God through our music ministry.”

Dr. Marshall continued, “We ventured down a path that saw us not only ministering in music but were also able to share with young impressionable minds the benefits of making music meaningful. The students at the SDA owned and operated Cayman Academy were very receptive to learning through music.”

NCU’s President Dr. Trevor Gardner who was sharing at an Anti-Corruption conference at the University College of the Cayman Islands expressed satisfaction with the NCU’s contingent. “The impact that the NCU team has created in such a short period of time here is phenomenon. These residents were able to learn so much about NCU that they may not have previously known. Our mission at NCU is to train all minds as we are accountable to the membership particularly in the Atlantic Caribbean and Jamaica Unions of SDA.”

Dr Gardner added, “We are satisfied with the support we received from the residents of these beautiful islands. Our partnership will continue to grow as we ensure that each student is given ample opportunity to receive the best education at the tertiary level when they enter the hallowed halls of NCU.”

“I saw an element of ministry that showed the passion of music fuelled by the love for God. Each time we ministered, the reception by the audience continue to drive us to give of our best to our Master as our entire being depends on His sustaining grace. This tour was amazingly awesome for my colleagues and I,” Cris-Gaye Batson, one of the ensemble’s sopranos, shared.

PHOTO: The NCU’s Chamber Ensemble during one of its performance in Cayman Islands

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