May 11, 2021

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands showcases new public artwork

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Adjacent-by-Davin-Ebanks-Evening-View-Horizontal-720By ARC Magazine

A striking concrete and glass sculpture is now standing at the front entrance of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, thanks to a generous grant from Cayman Water Authority.

The 11 foot sculpture, entitled Adjacent by the artist Davin Ebanks, won the national competition launched by the National Gallery and Cayman Water Authority in 2013. The minimalist sculpture is composed of a reflective electric blue glass inset sheathed by two onyx-coloured columns based on the form of a Caymanian half-model catboat, which ties the modern and evolving artistic identity of the islands to their cultural past. Ebanks said his piece takes a traditional form and turns it into something other. “The two halves of the catboat are at once individual objects that enter into a dialogue,” he writes. “Their neighbouring right angles suggest the intersection between two buildings, a passageway or crossroads.”

“Public art shows a strong artistic presence, which is the sign of a healthy society and is vital for its future. This piece, which was made by a local artist in collaboration with artists from the USA, illustrates that the Cayman Islands continue to keep and attract local and global talent,” said Natalie Urquart, the director of the National Gallery.

Ms Urquart adds that the sculpture will join other pieces in the permanent collection, which consolidates the Cayman Islands as a sophisticated environment for living, creating, and investing withing a region that is growing in importance culturally and artistically.

“Mr Ebanks’ piece is a focal point when coming to the National Gallery,” says the Public Art Competition Manager, Emé Paschalides. “The fragile reflective glass panel captures the light and beauty of the environment and is made all the more striking by the contrasting solemnity and solidity of the two encasing columns. The pedestal beneath the whole composition gives the impression that the sculpture is rising off the ground – an inspiring and uplifting image for visitors.”

The public sculpture will be a reminder to everyone of the importance of thinking creatively and passionately, allowing cultural variations to blend together into one community.

For more information email [email protected] or call (345) 945 8111.

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