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Multiple sclerosis patients in Cayman Islands invited to meet Dr. Romnesh de Souza

Multiple sclerosis patients and their families are invited by The MS Foundation of the Cayman Islands to meet Dr. Romnesh de Souza and Gene Thompson from Health City Cayman Islands on Oct. 18th at 6 p.m. The deadline to apply to attend the meeting is Friday, Oct. 13th.

Dr. de Souza isa consultant in the Neurology Department at Health City Cayman Islands. He comes to Cayman after a five-year tenure at Narayana Health City in Bangalore, India.

He specializes in interventional neurology and the treatment of acute ischemic stroke, neuromuscular disorders and neurocritical care. Dr. de Souza has been published in both national and international journals, and he’s taken active participation at several international medical conferences.

Before Dr. de Souza’s arrival, there was no physician in Cayman who had specialized in multiple sclerosis.

Those interested in meeting Dr. de Souza and learning about local treatment for MS in Cayman can email [email protected] to find out the venue location and additional information.

IMAGE: Dr. Romnesh de Souza


  1. My friend has the type of MS that has no cure or preventable progression treatment. She was diagnosed 12 yrs. ago. This year has been the worst, the MS has progressed to where the protective coating around her nerve endings is shot and she was in tremendous pain. She has a perscription pain killer that has alleviated the pain somewhat. But lately she in now experiencing extreme internal heat. She explains it is like “hot flashes”, but 20 times over and constant. She sees a Dr. at Cleveland Clinic Mellon Center but they have not addressed this issue with her. I am asking for any advice or help in getting her relief of some kind. We would so desperately appreciate some thoughts or advise from the innovated specialist at the Divinchi Institue.


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