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Modern slavery survivor calls for reformed economic system

From Ellie Finkelstein, Freedom United

September 17, 2023News Digest
Anti-slavery activists
Modern slavery survivor calls for reformed economic system
Modern slavery remains an unsettling presence in our every day lives. Our garments, smartphones, and even solar panels often carry the grim mark of forced labor and human exploitation. This disturbing reality begs a question: if consumers truly understood the human suffering behind their purchases, would they make different choices? Read more…
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Law & policy

When it comes to modern slavery, “trusting a company’s word” doesn’t suffice
MPs and anti-slavery groups are sounding the alarm after recent revelations that ministers in the U.K. are simply “taking a company’s word” that they are tackling slavery in their supply chains. But without conducting any kind of audit, how can they be so sure?  Read more…
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Human trafficking

Unmasking human trafficking realities along the U.S.–Mexico border
The scope of understanding who is vulnerable to human trafficking is too narrow. Human trafficking at the U.S.–Mexico border is an issue that is not limited to migrants and cartels, but also the communities living along the border. Read more…
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Ellie Finkelstein
Freedom United


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