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MMTS announces the first training school for models in the Caribbean.

Modelles Magnifique Taining School (MMTS) major objective is to effectively train, sensitize and educate young persons between the ages of 16 – 30 with the necessary tools needed to enter, survive, work diligently and ultimately be successful in the modelling industry, both regionally and internationally. Our course outline has been thoroughly researched and smartly put together into a fun, exciting, easy yet educational package that would give the potential model an edge over amateur models and would prepare them businesswise before signing up with an agency.

After graduation, MMTS intend on arming the model with the tangible tools needed (in the form of a Certificate of Completion, A Start Up Makeup Kit and a Start Up Portfolio) to proceed into the industry with confidence.

Their mission is ‘to be the premier training facility for potential talent by empowering and educating them in various subject areas which are essential to survival in the modelling industry, beauty and the arts, whilst fostering a comfortable learning environment which includes practical educational activities with a faith based foundation. They aim to train persons to be disciplined, hard working and successful individuals in the relevant industries where they desire to achieve their goals and realize their dreams’.

MMTS offer a ‘Model Elite’ Course which includes eight modules that cover all aspects of the industry that is covered over a period of 12 weeks, where there is intense training in both theory and practical subjects. The subjects run as follows:

  • Model 101 – this course outlines everything a model needs to know in order to survive and be successful in the industry.
  • Image Development – this covers the model image; how to create and maintain it. It can be broken down into Wardrobe Management, Skin/Health Care and Make up Application.
  • Communications – this teaches the model how to speak fluently, effectively and with respect. Trains them for voice overs, commercials, and teaches them valuable lessons on eye contact, how to partake in an interview and how to ace a ‘go see’.
  • Fashion Performance and Runway Skills – this teaches the model how to walk in heels (and dress shoes for men), the rules of runway, the rules of backstage, what a model must carry to a showcase, amongst others. A step by step lesson in Caribbean Fashion Performance and International Runway Skills.
  • Essentials of Still Photography – this teaches the model how to pose with natural body movements, what a photographer expects and how to be natural for a video shoot of any kind
  • Showcase Management – this teaches the model how to plan and execute a fashion show from start to finish.

The school was founded in 2011 by Ms. Vanetta Phillip, a young lady who was trained under the auspices of the dynamic Mr. Richard Young of Mannequins Image Management Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. With twelve years of modelling experience, coupled with intense research, a solid course was put together, which is effective in its own right.

The cost of the full course per model is US$400 which includes books, shipping and handling. Text books on each module will be printed to accompany the course At the end of the Model Elite Course, models will receive a full make up kit complete with brushes (ladies) and a grooming kit for men, a full length portfolio with Comp Card and of course their Certificate of Completion.


MMTS first class of potential models are getting ready for graduation slated in September, and they are hereby announcing commencement of their new set of classes, which is October 15th 2012.

Interested models and potential models can email us their applications at [email protected], after which a registration form will be forwarded to them. This form must be filled out, scanned and emailed to us by Friday 21st September 2012, and a processing fee of US$20.00 must be sent to the school’s account (banking information will be sent via email). After the form and processing fee is received, the school will schedule a Skype interview with potential students.

Interested persons can contact the school via their page on Facebook, –(, emailing us at [email protected] or by calling 1 758 518 6257 for more information.

Modelles Magnifique Training School:

Faith, Discipline, Determination.



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