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MIVD warns against ‘secret activities’ in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom

From Curacao Journal

THE HAGUE – The Caribbean parts of the Kingdom can be the target of ‘secret activities’ of foreign powers. According to Rene Zwart of, the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) warns about this in its annual report. In the chapter ‘Espionage’ the following passage is stated: “In addition to espionage, states can also engage in secret activities for other purposes, for example, to influence the political decision-making or the manipulation of the image and the media.”

The threat does not only occur in the Netherlands but also in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom.

The secret service did not disclose details, but it is made clear that authorities should be on alert: “In a joint Team Caribbean Region, the MIVD and the Dutch Intelligence Agency (AIVD) gather information about the region Latin America and the Caribbean. The Dutch armed forces are permanently present in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. Developments that may affect this presence are followed by the services.”

Of course, the annual report also focuses on Venezuela. The situation in the neighboring country is called ‘worrisome’. “The country has fallen prey to the combination of a political and socio-economic crisis. Venezuela is becoming increasingly isolated internationally. It is expected that the negative trends will continue in 2018. The unstable situation has a negative effect on the regional security situation. Because of the potential spillover effects, the MIVD and AIVD continue to monitor developments closely. ”

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