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Miss Teen Cayman Islands 2016-17 crowned

13935094_1013979182054788_4482419061452071871_nAfter a three year hiatus, the Miss Teen Cayman Islands Pageant returned on Saturday 27th August,with an evening of beauty and talent as seven beautiful young ladies representing various districts in the Cayman Islands participated in the 2016 Pageant.  16 year old Liana DaCosta of Bodden Town swept the awards and walked away with the Crown!.
Miss DaCosta was poised and confident as she walked the stage and was a huge hit with her broadway act as her talent.  She also received awards for Academic Excellence, Miss Photogenic and Best in Gown.
These beautiful, academically sound and focused young women participated in rigorous training to prepare them for the pageant and they have made everyone proud.  Although Liana wears the crown, the organising committee says “All these young ladies are winners in our eyes.  We knew where they have come from to arrive to this point.  We saw them bloom from shy unsure girls to bold and confident young women.  We all cried during their talent sections as we were truly impressed and proud just like their parents must have been”.
Nerissa McLaughlin, representing the district of East End was first runner up and Jada Ramoon was second runner up.  There were several awards given out to the winners on the evening but due to an unfortunate delay the awards of Best Smile and Best legs were not announced until Sunday, the day after the pageant.  The award for Best Legs went to Maya Smith who represented the district of North Side.  Maya was the first contestant during the life of The Miss Teen Pageant to play the Saxophone as her talent.  Her mastery of the instrument was impressive and the audience showed their appreciation.  Best Smile went to Kevie-Ann Peirre who represented the district of Bodden Town.  There was a wide variety of talent on display.  Talent ranged from the soulful and moving rendition of Lost Boys by 15 year old Aleica McDonald who had the audience feeling the pain and sadness of the orphaned boy, to a very touching video produced by Jada Ramoon which highlighted how depression can impact one’s life; and dancing by Nerissa McLaughlin, steel pan by Kevie-Ann Peirre and monologue by Kayleigh McLaughlin.
At the start of this contest one would never believe these young women would go on stage and perform before such a large audience!
The Miss Teen Committee thanks all our sponsors who will be recognised in a future announcement; and thanks to all the parents who entrusted us with their daughters. We believe that they have gained valuable experience and skills that are valuable tools as they face life’s challenges.
Liana will receive a four-year scholarship thanks to the Ministry of Education that will cover costs for two years locally and two years overseas at the college of her choice.
The Organising committee said it was a wonderful evening with a great and participative audience which expressed its appreciation to all the girls.  Thanks to the Judges Dr Sharon Marshal, Ms Nicosia Lawson, Ms Erin Hislop, Ms Leyla Jackson and Blake from the Blake from DMS.  Thanks also to talliers Ian Callow and Andrew Hulse of the Lions Club and Auditor Luxi Zhou from PWC.
A video of the pageant is available as well as an album of some of the best photos of the night. To place an order interested persons can contact the Lions Club of Grand Cayman at [email protected].
IMAGE: Miss Teen Cayman Islands
Contestant #3
Liana DaCosta
Age :16
District: Bodden Town
Sponsor: Savannah Medical Clinic
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