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Ministry of IISD announces innovative partnership with CWC

Hon. André Ebanks

The Cayman Islands Government’s Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development in collaboration with C&W Communications is pleased to announce a change to the company’s operations that will enable any Flow mobile user with an active SIM card to access the Needs Assessment Unit’s website, and also to utilise its new online application process, at zero cost without paying for data transfer.

The Hon. Minister André Ebanks expressed his gratitude to Cable and Wireless, stating 

“On behalf of Government and those who we represent, we are profoundly grateful to CWC for coming on board with the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development. This partnership is a testament to how business in our community fully embraces the concept of innovation through truly meaningful changes for our people, including in the realm of social development. 

“In our community, and especially among those who may require Government’s financial assistance, mobile devices are used as the primary device for accessing the internet. I commend CWC for this action that allows anyone, regardless of their ability to pay, to utilise the online form to apply for financial assistance – and specifically, to upload data at no cost, regardless of their physical location.”

The Minister’s sentiments were echoed by Tamara Ebanks, Acting Chief Officer of the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development, noted that a similar partnership was announced in February with Digicel in the Cayman Islands. Ms Ebanks said,

“The Ministry has been tasked with re-imagining social development for the people of the Cayman Islands. We are grateful to be able to count both CWC and Digicel among the stakeholders who have taken concrete and innovative actions that remove barriers to people accessing help when they need it most. Moreover, we eagerly invite others in the community to partner with us in similar ‘disruptive’ innovations.”


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