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Milano Cortina 2026 celebrates two years to go until the Olympic Winter Games

International Olympic Committee

7 February 2024 – The magic of the Olympic Winter Games edged closer on 6 February 2024 as Milano Cortina 2026 celebrated two years to go through a series of activities across the host regions, including the reveal of “spectacular” Olympic rings and Paralympic Agitos in the heart of Milan.

Under the shadow of the iconic Palazzo della Ragioneria in Milan’s Piazza della Scala, the Mayor of Milan, regional leaders and representatives from the Organising Committee officially marked this important milestone by revealing these iconic symbols and in doing so making a statement that the city and the country are preparing to host the next edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

While members of the public can now interact with these symbols in Milan’s city centre, celebrations were held across the host regions. This included the launch of a “2 Years to Dream” campaign, adorning billboards and advertising spaces in numerous public spaces, and amplified across social media and digital platforms.

As part of Milano Cortina 2026’s GEN26 Education Programme, a “Winter Games Week” is taking place between 5 and 9 February in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees. This innovative programme is engaging young people across all Italian regions through schools and youth groups. By participating in sports-based activities, students are exploring the educational value of sport, learning its power to foster personal growth, expression and collaboration. With over 700 entities on board, this initiative is expected to reach over 220,000 young minds, inspiring the next generation of Olympians and Paralympians.

Elsewhere, in Cortina d’Ampezzo, the host of the 1956 Olympic Winter Games, another celebration unfolded. One hundred winter sports enthusiasts took to the slopes, their torches illuminating the night sky. This display wasn’t just a commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the Olympic Winter Games, however, it was also a powerful declaration of their anticipation of Milano Cortina 2026. A snow sculpture depicting the Olympic rings by local artist Andrea Gaspari further demonstrated Cortina’s unique connection between the past and the future.

Meanwhile, on 6 February, Milano Cortina 2026 marked the start of the Cultural Olympiad with the opening of an exhibition titled “Records” in the Gallerie di Trento. As part of a three-year “Interconnecting Rings” project, this immersive exhibition narrates the story of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games through the evolution of various.

This latest series of initiatives illustrates the growing excitement within Italy as the country prepares to host the next editions of these iconic sporting events. The Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026 will take place from 6 to 22 February before the Paralympic Winter Games are held between 6 and 15 March in 2026.


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