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Migration politics that kill

April 21st, 2024News Digest
Human trafficking
Migration politics forcing risky routes leading to modern slavery and death
As migration routes tighten and asylum becomes increasingly elusive, desperate migrants are pushed to perilous extremes, navigating treacherous seas and taking risks to get help from people who prove to be traffickers. Behind the political rhetoric are real people being exploited and trafficked, underscoring the urgent need for safe migration routes and a reevaluation of global migration policies. Take action…
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Law & policy
Modern slavery victims at the heart of U.K.’s controversial Rwanda deportation policy The safety of the Rwanda Bill stands at a battleground for the rights of modern slavery victims in the U.K. The government’s reluctance to exempt them from deportation schemes and, therefore, failing in their duty to prioritize victims’ rehabilitation, is sparking outrage. The debate highlights the precarious balance between immigration control and safeguarding human rights, raising urgent questions about the country’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable. Take action…
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Slavery in conflict
Indian men answering to job ads are finding themselves on the Russian frontline
Indian men, enticed by the prospect of higher wages, are ensnared in a bait-and-switch scheme, lured to Russia under false pretenses only to find themselves forcibly conscripted into the armed forces. Unsuspecting individuals, unable to read the contracts they sign, are stripped of their autonomy and forced into the horrors of war with little recourse to escape.
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Ellie Finkelstein
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