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Meticulosity SEZC Receives HubSpot Impact Award

Meticulosity teamZone Company Wins Partner Award for Innovative Website Using Growth-Driven

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – Meticulosity SEZC, a company established in Cayman Enterprise City’s (CEC) Cayman Media Park, part of Cayman’s Special Economic Zone, was awarded an Impact Award for Growth-Driven Design (GDD) by HubSpot, the industry leader in inbound marketing automation software. The coveted award is given out on a quarterly basis to Certified HubSpot Agency Partners. Meticulosity, a Gold HubSpot Agency Partner, entered a case study featuring client Cayman Enterprise City, and won.

Cayman Enterprise City is a special economic zone located in the Cayman Islands that offers companies an offshore physical presence to grow their business internationally and protect intellectual property in a tax-neutral jurisdiction. Cayman Enterprise City has experienced rapid growth thus its ideal client and product offerings were changing faster than their old website could handle. After launching two websites in three years, they needed a new approach and Meticulosity and Hubspot offered the ideal solution.

Industry thought-leaders recognize that Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a totally new way to look at web design, as traditional web design only views a website as a project with a finite beginning and end. Yet, in contrast, GDD uses a methodology that focuses on launching quickly with a basic “launch pad” site followed by continual improvement of the website. This method shortens launch time significantly while also fostering a flexible approach to creating and improving the design and content of the website to support marketing intelligence.

Meticulosity SEZC, a web design and inbound marketing agency with offices in the Cayman Islands, New York, and India is located within the island’s economic zone and knew that combining Inbound Marketing with Growth-Driven Design would be a home run for Cayman Enterprise City. The process began last summer with Meticulosity brainstorming ideas with CEC and working together cohesively with local web company Damon Hardie Design on the design. Cayman Enterprise City was able to launch its website on

HubSpot using GDD in only six weeks. Since then, the Meticulosity team has worked closely with Cayman
Enterprise City continually tweaking and improving the site on a regular basis, to achieve optimum results.

One year later, some of the key performance increases that Meticulosity helped Cayman Enterprise City achieve include:

 Average Monthly Visits Increased 65%
 32% Increase in Site Wide Conversion Rate
 5% Increase in Search Visibility Since Launch
 Average Monthly Leads Increased 2-3x

“Using the GDD approach with Cayman Enterprise City enabled us to get their new website up in six weeks instead of six months, which meant they saw improvements faster and for 4.5 months longer than a traditional approach would. The results were instantaneous and one year later they continue to impress” said David Ward, President of Meticulosity.

“Meticulosity SEZC is doing an incredible job of lead generation for us and we are thrilled at everything that the Hubspot platform has to offer. The great thing about digital marketing is that its 100% measurable, and the results speak for themselves. We are delighted that Meticulosity has been recognized by Hubspot and won this prestigious award” said Hilary McKenzie-Cahill, Vice President of Marketing for Cayman Enterprise City.

Patrick Shea, Director at HubSpot said “Meticulosity has set an example for how businesses everywhere should be transforming their marketing with Inbound. Our team here at HubSpot is proud to call Meticulosity a Partner and recognize them with this Award.”

About Cayman Enterprise City
Cayman Enterprise City is an award-winning Special Economic Zone in the Cayman Islands focused on knowledge-based industries, technology companies and specialized services businesses. With a dedicated Government Authority and guaranteed fast-track processes, International companies can quickly and efficiently establish a genuine physical presence in Cayman to generate an active business income. This enables businesses take advantage of Cayman’s jurisdictional benefits which include zero corporate tax, zero income tax and zero capital gains tax, along with a raft of special zone concessions and incentives. These concessions were designed to attract international companies from five specific high-tech sectors; internet and technology, media and new-media ventures, biotechnology, commodities and derivatives, and maritime services.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call: +1-345-945-3722
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @CEC_Cayman
LinkedIn: Cayman Enterprise City

About Meticulosity SEZC
Meticulosity is a leading inbound marketing and web design agency with offices located in USA, India, and the Cayman Islands. Meticulosity offers a comprehensive set of services such as custom website design, online marketing, SEO, ecommerce and Magento development, and more. In business since
2008, Meticulosity works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected]


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