March 22, 2023

Meet Caymanian Danielle Borden

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After completing her A Levels in Grand Cayman, Danielle set her sights on Penn State University where she is pursuing a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Accounting. Danielle was awarded a Deloitte Scholarship in 2012 and will join the Audit team full time in January 2017.

What is your chosen career path? How did you choose this career?

My chosen career path is to be an Auditor. I will become a Certifed Public Accountant upon completion of my degrees, exams and required work hours.

I chose this career while I was in high school, prior to knowing what exactly an audit was. I always had an interest in business, and I knew that there are a lot of growth and development opportunities within the financial services industry. Now that I am on my way to becoming an auditor, I feel very confident that I made the right choice.

What have you gained from your internships with Deloitte?

Working in a professional environment has allowed me to grow as an individual. Having the opportunity to work as a part of a team has been a good indicator of what the rest of my career will be like. Participating in Deloitte’s Global Project Challenge as a part of my internship has allowed me to meet other interns and young professionals from around the world!

What have you enjoyed most about your internships with Deloitte?

Over the past four summers, I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to develop and grow within the firm. Managers who gave me more difficult tasks and more responsibility each time I returned, showed me that they valued me as an intern and as a member of the team. As I took more accounting classes at Penn State, I was able to return home and apply the knowledge I was learning to real life situations. I have also enjoyed interacting with all of the employees who work at Deloitte. Whether a fellow intern, audit senior, manager or partner, everyone is very welcoming and willing to help and answer your questions.

cq5dam.web.700.350.desktopWhat skills you have learned in your studies that prepared you for this internship?

While at Penn State I have increased my accounting knowledge of key terms and concepts. I have also developed key skills that have helped me during my internships, such as, the importance of working in groups and being a good team player, to not be afraid to ask questions of your peers or professors when you are unsure, and to manage my time wisely. Being actively involved at Penn State with various clubs in addition to a demanding school schedule, time-management is absolutely key.

How has your internship prepared you for university studies and/or full-time employment?

My internships have given me insight into what it will be like working full-time for Deloitte. Each summer I had the opportunity to work on real clients, and complete a number of tasks that will be a part of my day-to-day as a full-time Associate. During one of my internships, I completed training on all of the necessary steps to complete an audit. It was great having this knowledge before starting my Audit class at Penn State, as I could apply some of what I was trained on to the class project I had to complete.
Danielle’s advice for students interested in the Deloitte Exclusive Experience Program:
“If you have any interest in working within one of Deloitte’s service lines, I would encourage you to apply! The program is very well structured, and you will have the opportunity to work and grow in a professional environment. You will interact with people who will mentor and guide you, and who want to help you succeed. Deloitte’s people-culture is evident, and this program is just one of the ways they are recruiting the next generation of Caymanian professionals.”

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Danielle and other interns following the DEEP presentations in 2014

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