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meeco develops clean energy products for tourism sector in Africa

Project development and financing model sun2share introduced in Botswana

The tourism sector is one of the largest industries worldwide and at the same time one of the fastest growing. In 2017, the travel and tourism industry accounted for 10.4% of the global GDP. Especially, in developing nations in Africa this sector is a major economic driver. In Botswana, it is the largest pr ivate sector employer and contributes over 6% to the national GDP – a number, which is set to grow substantially. However, the expansion of tourism, namely in off-grid areas, has potentially a considerable negative impact on the environment and climate. Taking into consideration this impact and aiming to establish a sustainable travel and tourism industry, meeco has introduced its clean energy project development and financing model sun2share together with the Botswana Tourism Organisation. This project development, execution and financing model enables customers to share the investment in their project with meeco and thereby benefit from a reputable clean energy partner with longstanding experience in the field of implementing renewable energy solutions around the globe.

The cooperation of the National Tourism Organisation and meeco as an international clean energy provider is based on the Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG17), which emphasises the importance of globally working together in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the 2030 Agenda, especially SDG7 (affordable and clean energy) and SDG13 (climate action). The jointly launched renewable energy model sun2share was presented at the Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2018 from 7th to 10th of December 2018 in Maun, Botswana. “sun2share completely changes the way the tourism sector purchases its clean energy service, with support for the CAPEX costs and promising savings from day one,” explains Sebastian Bovensiepen, CEO of The meeco Group. “Since we launched the clean energy financing model in Botswana, the interest has been resounding, and we have secured projects in Kenya for safari companies and been asked to introduce it in other African nations like Namibia and Zimbabwe to name ju st a few.”

To further promote sun2share, meeco and Botswana Tourism are currently in the development phase of several clean energy projects. As Botswana has an outstanding wildlife diversity including two UNESCO World Heritage sites, it represents a popular tourist destination and hosts the most exclusive Safari lodges and Camps in Africa. For these locations and their guests, a reliable clean power supply is essential. The sun2share business model ensures a sustainable and consistent energy generation based on a joint project funding using only tier one equipment. This innovative clean energy approach enables safari lodges to significantly reduce their unsustainable dependance on the use of diesel generators and act as pioneers in terms of taking a step towards contributing to sustainable tourism in Africa.

About The meeco Group: The meeco Group was consolidated in 2000 and oriented its main focus towards the energy sector. With world headquarters located in Zug, Switzerland, the group currently has over 86 employees working across four continents. Thanks to a structured but flexible approach based on its core competencies, The meeco Group has delivered over 442 MWp of clean, renewable energy solutions across four continents. The meeco Group accomplishes its mission by providing project developers, investors, governments, and private businesses with the services necessary for timely financing, installation, and operation of clean energy assets.

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