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Medical evacuation on board The “Cap Finistère” ferry

From Maritime Herald

On Friday 8 September at 11:08 pm, Jobourg’s Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS) is alerted by the Maritime Medical Advisory Center (MCCC) in Toulouse that a British national is suffering from cardiac malaise aboard ferry “Cap Finistère” from Brittany Ferries. The ferry flying the French flag from Portsmouth (GB) was on its way to Santander (ESP) and was about 60 nautical miles west of Jobourg.

The CROSS Jobourg immediately begins telephone conferences between the ferry, the CCMM, and the Maritime Medical Coordination SAMU (SCMM) of Le Havre (76) to organize the evacuation of the victim. As the condition of the victim worsens, an emergency medical evacuation is recommended.

The CROSS Jobourg hires the Cayman helicopter of the French Navy, stationed at Maupertus sur mer (50), with on board the medical team of the medical antenna of the armies of Querqueville.

Due to great uncertainty about the possibility of helicoptering the victim due to its corpulence and bad weather conditions (25 knots of wind and strong sea), several scenarios of relief are envisaged. In prevention, the ferry is diverted to get closer to Cherbourg and speed up evacuation operations.

At 12:30 am, the Cayman Marine helicopter manages to hoist the medical team on board the ferry. Once the victim’s condition is stabilized by the medical team, the victim is conditioned and hoisted on board the Cayman Marine helicopter to be taken to the Jacques Monod hospital in Le Havre (76) where she is taken care of 2:06.

IMAGE: Brittany_Ferries_Cap_Finistere

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