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Media members of CONCACAF to vote on their AWARDS

CONCACAF are pleased to announce that the Confederation will once again recognize the outstanding achievements of players, coaches and referees from across our region with a number of awards based on performances in all CONCACAF competitions, for the year 2017. Media members [we are a member] will once again play a vital role in the decision-making process for each prize, accounting for an important segment of the final vote.

Each of the award categories considers achievements per specific criteria, in CONCACAF-sanctioned tournaments and competitions involving the Confederation’s national teams at all levels, including FIFA World Cups and World Cup Qualifying for both genders, in all age categories. Performances also eligible for recognition include those achieved in professional club football leagues in the CONCACAF region, as well as the CONCACAF Champions League and the CONCACAF League.

This year’s award categories are:
Player of the Year: Male and Female
Goal of the Year: Male or Female (top 10 goals male and female mix)
Men’s Football Coach of the Year: Male or Female
Women’s Football Coach of the Year: Male or Female
Goalkeeper of the Year: Male and Female
Referee of the Year: Male and Female
Best XI: Male and Female

In each category, a list of nominees has already been determined through a statistical assessment and the nominations of the CONCACAF Technical Study Group, which analyzes tactics and rates performances at all official CONCACAF tournaments, and the Member Association National Team Head Coaches and Senior National Team Captains.

If you would like to send us a name ASAP we will be pleased to submit the names who get the most requests to CONCACAF as our nominees.

Nomination Requirements

Except for the Outstanding Performance Award, players, coaches and referees of any nationality from a national team, club, league or Member Associations that belong to CONCACAF are eligible to be nominated in their respective category, so long as they meet at least one (1) of the following criteria:

Have played/coached/refereed in an official CONCACAF tournament at club or national team level, OR
Have played/coached/refereed for a CONCACAF member national team in a FIFA-sanctioned international competition, OR
Have player/coached/refereed in a domestic league within the CONCACAF region.
A player, coach or referee from the CONCACAF region who does not meet the above nomination requirements would not be eligible to participate in the Nomination Process (as described below). For the sake of clarity, a player, coach or referee belonging to the CONCACAF region or affiliated to a CONCACAF Member Association, but whose only performances in the Eligible Period came to any other league or tournament organized by a different Confederation or league, regardless of the territory, would not be eligible to participate in the Nomination Process.

Goal of the Year applies only to goals scored by a player fulfilling the above nomination requirements during CONCACAF or FIFA official competition or a League game disputed within the CONCACAF region.

For years without CONCACAF and/or FIFA sanctioned female tournaments, eligibility requirements for Women’s Football Coach of the Year, Male Referee of the Year, and Female Referee of the Year categories are satisfied if the nominee candidate has coached or refereed in a minimum of one (1) international friendly match played in the year of the award. Such match must had involved a CONCACAF Team (either club or national team).

Do not delay send your nominees to: [email protected] and make sure you head it up CONCACAF NOMINEE

Media voting is open for all categories until 11:59 ET, Wednesday, December 13, 2017.


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