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Marjorie Lucille Hurst (she would have been 93 today Jan 3)

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 10.55.25 AMIn memory of our dear sister Marjorie Lucille Hurst.

Born Jan. 3 1921. Died Sep. 7 2010.

From Helen and Joan

TRIBUTE TO MY SISTER MARJORIE LUCILLE HURST I was about 5 or 6 years of age as I can recall when I was aware of my sister Marjorie better known as Madge. I have no memory prior to her marriage which took place in or family home in our lovely living room. The place was packed but I couldn’t tell you who was there or who the marriage officer was. Madge was the third child to be born to my parents – Joseph Rodriquez and Blanche Lee Watler and I was way down the line as number 9 in the family.

My memory takes me back to the marriage ceremony. You see in those days marriages I guess took place in homes and gardens and very rarely in Churches.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 10.51.10 AMWhen my sister was being married in the living room of the family home I can just remember walking through right between the bride and groom and everybody else, eating a slice of home made bread covered with margarine and brown sugar. That my friends was my favourite sweet. I headed straight for the windowsill and sat myself where I could see everything going on. Then to my shock our helper grabbed on to me and pulled me out through the window and gave me a good telling off for what I had done. I mean I was so young I didn’t care what was going on I just had to get where I could see.

Anyway Madge was married there in our living room and left the Island immediately with her husband Paul Hurst a very handsome young American from California.. They met each other when Paul was out here having a yacht built by our two Uncles Rayal and Roland Bodden. They left the Island immediately and traveled to Jamaica and then on to the United States. The boat I think was shipped to the United States where Paul took possession of it. They lived and sailed for many months on their beautiful yacht. Paul’s mother I am told fell in love with her one daughter in law seeing as she only had the one son . Very soon they settled into their own beautiful home. I really don’t know how they traveled in those days – I don’t even know if they had airlines in those days.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 10.49.51 AMMadge kept Helen and myself supplied with plenty of pretty ribbons for our hair as in those days everyone was wearing hair bands or bows on the end of their plaits.

Madge came home for short visits regularly. I can remember her visit one year around the early 70’s,I had gone to church but on my way home I became very emotional and by the time I got to my Mother’s place I was really crying. Madge put her arms around me and said “I know what you need. Stay right here and I’ll get you something that will make you feel better. She came out with 5 red tablets and I took one and in 5 minutes I was a different person.

Madge loved gardening and had numerous plans in her lovely garden. Orchids were her favourite , Poinciana, bougainvilla, roses, alamanda and so many more I can’t remember them all. She loved to sit out in her swing in her beautiful garden, puttering around her plants all the time. However at 4.00 pm approximately she stopped for a glass of wine and biscuits and cheese. These little treats were always offered to anyone visiting as well. Madge was a member o the Garden Club and had many interests in what ever was going on. When she lived in California she was secretary to a Doctor for many years. On her return home she worked for many years for Cayman Airways before retiring. On retirement she sold her home in George Town and bought one on a canal in the Marina District of prospect where she really relaxed. The last few years she returned to George Town with all her plants again, enjoying visiting friends but unfortunately her health began to fail. She lost her car as well as other things because of IVAN the terrible. I was lucky enough to find a nice little red Ford car right after the storm. She had pleasure n driving herself around right up until last year . So if you saw a red car with ” FOCUS ON THIS’ on the windshield it was Marjorie cruising.

At nights I would lie besides her and listen to her saying the Lord’s Prayer and also counting just to keep her senses going in the right direction. It was only the last night whilst in the hospital that she didn’t recognize us, closed her eyes and gasped her last breath.

Madge had a good life, very interesting, many friends, loved them all. She particularly loved Susan and Ladner and took those two as her children. The beautiful grand children of Helen’s and Edlin’s, She also adored her nieces, nephews, grand nieces and nephews -she really adored seeing us all together. We will all miss Her very much but we know she is shining like a million suns and there’s a new star up in Heaven tonight..

May her soul rest in Peace.




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